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9 phrases for marathons: the important thing is motivation

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We tend to criticize those phrases that are shared on social networks with a more or less striking photo. It seems to us posture to resort to some motivational phrase or that calls to reflection whose attribution sows our doubts. The feeling is that they are abused when, in fact, they are not even processed: they serve as fillers, to get a few "likes".

Nor does anyone deny the power of the word. Isn't a good speech the best prelude to a great victory?Do not we inspire those stories of people who have exceeded their own limits without having any special quality, beyond the will?

Therefore, we have decided to publish this article with the best phrases for marathons.

You are ready? Let's go there.

Best phrases to motivate you in marathons

It is not the phrase, it is the effect it can have on us.

Here are some inspirational phrases for marathons if you're preparing for one, or thinking about doing it.

In most sports some win and others lose. Not in the marathon. From first to last, everyone is a winner, Miquel Pucurull. The outstanding Catalan popular athlete and marathoner reminds us that running, regardless of the goals set by each, is not going to compete with others. Running it should be taken as a personal triumph, even more so if we manage to overcome our own brand.

Believe me, the reward is not that great without the fight, Wilma Rudolph. The American athlete materializes well that thought of the amateur runner: the most important thing is not that moment in which you have managed to beat your own brand, but the work you have done for it, and how this has contributed to your physical and mental development.

Human beings are made of flesh and blood, and a miraculous fiber called courage, George Patton. We are struck, in this case, by the context of the person who said it. Patton was a military, general of the United States Army in World War II. He was considered a genius and developed his bravery, courage and competitiveness so much that he finished fifth in the pentathlon at the Stockholm Olympics.

I tell the runners to divide the race into three. Run first with the head, then with his personality and at the end with the heart, Mike Fanelli. The American long distance runner makes us think about the skills that a runner must have. A marathon has a lot of strategy, a lot of personal strength, more mental than physical, and a lot of value.

Passion is demanding me when there is nobody around, just me and the road, Ryan Shay. The American athlete was an example beating his own marks, and he says something of which we must all convince ourselves: there is nothing more satisfying than running by yourself and with yourself, without expecting anything else. Unfortunately, he was the first elite athlete to die in competition, and whose death was enigmatic.

A marathon is like life, with ups and downs, but once you have finished it you feel like you can do anything, anonymous. The authorship of this phrase is unknown, but it uses the symbolic power of a marathon, as a metaphor for life. Such is the effort and perseverance that it requires, in itself and during preparation, that it serves as training for any other challenge.

If you want to run, run a kilometer. If you want to experience a totally different life, run a marathon, Emil Zatopek. The Czech athlete shows that running a marathon is going to the next level, living an unforgettable experience in which we face a unique challenge, and whose achievement unleashes our emotions. It is not just running, it is much more.

Failure defeats the losers and inspires the winners, Robert T. Kiyosaki. Of American and Japanese nationality, this businessman, investor and writer refers us to a very important facet in the marathoner's personality: failure does not scare, it motivates. It will be in the next marathon, in the next year or in the next five, but the goal is always on the horizon, no matter how many times you have to try.

The key to life is running and reading, Will Smith. The actor said this phrase at an awards ceremony, and it was addressed to a young audience. He explained it saying that, when running, there is a small person inside you who is saying that you can no longer, but you have to learn to defeat him in order to know how to face the hard moments of life. As for reading, there have been millions of people who have lived before us, he said, and there is no new problem we may have that someone has not already solved and written about.

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