News : A 9-year-old boy misses the route and earns a 10k adult

News :

A 9-year-old boy misses the route and earns a 10k adult

Kade Lovell, the boy who won the elders
Kade Lovell, the boy who won the elders

The most curious news that comes to us from the United States. It turns out that a nine-year-old boy ran a five-kilometer children's race in the town of Sartell, Minnesota. So far, everything absolutely normal, logical and habitual. The surprise jumps when it turns out that the boy's mother, who proudly waits at the finish line, sees how the participants pass and time runs and her son does not appear. The anguish is increasing: “I'm supposed to be here, it's strange, must be having a bad career, ”recalls the woman who thought at the time (on September 21).

The truth is that young Kade Lovell had followed an erroneous indication of a volunteer and He had gotten into the majors' career (adults), 10 kilometers. "I was a little confused, but I said to myself," Pay attention to him and throw. " And what if he pulled. He shot so much that at nine years old he reached the finish line in first position, beating the second classified, 40 years old.

The concern of a mother

“I told myself that I had to keep running. I just wanted to reach the final goal as it was, ”adds Kade, who in the previous edition of the 5k already set a new record for his age. The strangest thing of all is that Kade's mother, Heather, started to look for her son and to ask for him insistently to career organization and volunteers. Nobody knew anything. But suddenly someone informed Heather that she had seen Kade run the 10k and that it was going really well.

“When my mother is very worried, she gets a little angry so I had to hurry to the finish line. It turns out that young Lovell had never run a 10k before (6.2 miles in the US). "When I saw my son arrive alone at the finish line, I thought that the rest had already arrived and that he was the last, but then the organizers told me that he had won with a time of 48: 17: 4."

Apparently, Kade is running all the time, with your siblings, your friends or just circling around the house. "But until he is older he will not run races longer than 5 kilometers," says his mother.

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