News : A confined Frenchman runs a marathon on a 7-meter balcony

News :

A confined Frenchman runs a marathon on a 7-meter balcony

Strava's unusual image of the French runner

Within all this istra string ’of anonymous heroes of confinement (We will call them that), another one has come out that we do not know whether to catalog as inhuman or insane, directly. It has happened in France, a country in which there is also a quarantine at home for the entire population and in which, as in the whole world, people are inventing home running circuits that exceed the invented capacity of the being. human.

Strava, completely ‘crazy’

One of the most bizarre is without a doubt found in Balma (Midy-Pyrinées, France). There, a man, a hero, named Elisha Nochomovitz he covered the 42.2 kilometers of which a marathon consists on the balcony of his apartment, of about 7 square meters. A real feat that completed in 6 hours and 48 minutes. Strava's partials are obviously insane to have done the exercise in such a small space.

He was not the only 'madman' to carry out a barbarity of this caliber, since during the confinement in China many 'runners' also invented him and made authentic domestic circuits (one without going any further gave a whopping 6,000 laps to a home space of about six square meters of grandaria. In addition, it is the case that Elisha was recorded for a few seconds to give us an idea how those almost seven hours were. We can only take off our hats ...

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