News : A ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ of pure athleticism

News : A ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ of pure athleticism

Abadía and Carro perfectly represent the values ​​of athletics

In athletics, as in all areas of sport and life, there are people for everything. There are the most purists, sometimes too ‘fussy’ for some, but certainly necessary to maintain the essence of the sport. The dreamers, who do not stop proposing challenges and more challenges, even when the wind cannot blow any more against to organize any type of event and challenge. There are the methodical and extremely disciplined. Endless representatives. Many can occupy several ‘ranks’, obviously. This Sunday morning there has been an adventure in Alcobendas that has served, above all, to see again an outdoor road test. Masks, prevention, strict safety measures, but also runners eager to go out to add kilometers and enjoy a morning of competition like before. From the ‘old normal’.

A record that everyone knew was going to stay where it was

Fernando Carro had undoubtedly set himself an interesting challenge to conclude a 2020 in which we have been able to see him competing in multiple distances, where he has attempted impossible records. Along with top-level hares such as Jesús España, Luismi Berlanas, Rober Alaiz or Yago Rojo, he was looking for the best Spanish brand ever in 10k. Not approved, because the circuit of the Madrid city exceeds the allowed descent (-86 meters, maximum -10). And after 27 minutes and 46 exciting seconds, he has managed to lower the current national record that Toni Abadía achieved in Laredo in 2018 by two seconds. Both Fernando and Toni knew that this record was going to continue there in the official position, but these days some noise in the athletic environment about whether the event had sold too much ‘treading’ on Abadía’s previous feat.


Nothing could be further from the truth, everyone involved knew how things were going to be. Carro has run the fastest 10k ever for a Spaniard, but will not appear on the record list. It is done. That does not mean that he did not delight us with one of his final house-brand sprints.. And the best of all has come later. Toni Abadía, an example of values, has congratulated the Madrilenian on ‘Twitter’. “Congratulations to Fernando Carro, Jorge Blanco and Jesús Ramos and rest of mmp of the 10k of Alcobendas. The records are to be broken and although it is not approved due to unevenness, it has been a beautiful impact for our sport ”. Chapeau.

Carro’s response has not been long in coming: “Once again you are still ahead. Not only are you still the best in the distance, but you are ahead of the message I wanted to send you. Thanks for your words; today the sport has won ”. Without a doubt, the best example that could be given of our athletics. Two athletes and two exceptional people. The turn now is for Toni, who in two weeks makes her marathon debut in Valencia …

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