News : A Japanese boxer runs a 5,000 at 2:26 pm … 2 days after a fight!

News :

A Japanese boxer runs a 5,000 at 2:26 pm ... 2 days after a fight!

Andy Hiraoka, athlete and boxer
Andy Hiraoka, athlete and boxer

Any news that comes to us from the Asian continent already seems like science fiction. What they do not get in that part of the world we can almost say that they will not achieve it anywhere else. The last ‘great new’ that has happened comes from Japan, a country known for its high level in marathon (Yuki Kawauchi would be perhaps its great exponent).

14 wins, no defeat

It turns out that professional boxer Andy Hiraoka won a fight in the semifinals in his tournament debut. So far, nothing out of the ordinary beyond the great level of Hiraoka, only 23 years old and born in the city of Yokohama. 14 wins and no defeat is the record presented by the Japanese on the circuit (nine of them KO’s).

But well, what we were going to. It turns out that just two days after winning that match (and with the wear that that means) Andy ran a 5,000 in, eye to data, 14:26. Despite opposition from his surroundings, Hiraoka combines athletics with boxing and does not intend to give it up: "There is nothing I can't do," Andy boasts. For more inri, the boxer lowered his personal mark by 20 ″ to stop the clock in these spectacular 14:26. Andy is 1,80m tall and on the ring is left-handed.

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