News : A Swedish athlete, disqualified due to the thickness of the sole of her shoes

News :

A Swedish athlete, disqualified due to the thickness of the sole of her shoes

Charlotta Fougberg, disqualified for her sneakers

It seems that judges and federations are starting to get serious around the world of athletics with these new and controversial magic shoes that most brands are patenting and releasing. If the World Athletics already announced a couple of months ago that a series of parameters and restrictions would be established regarding the carbon plates and the thickness of the soles (everything arises with the appearance of the AlphaFly of Kipchoge in Vienna and the prototypes that have been coming out later), in Sweden we have already seen what is probably the first case of a disqualification from a major championship for a sole thickness that is above the allowed.

European Obstacle Medalist

This is the athlete Charlotta Fougberg, European medalist of 3,000 obstacles in Switzerland 2014. In information that Oscar Fernández brings us from Twitter, the coach of the 35-year-old athlete, Johan Wettergen, assures that there must have been a misunderstanding by some part: "Charlotta ran with a shoe whose manufacturer was consulted a while ago to see if it complied with the restrictions and assured that it did, that there is a thickness of 21.5 centimeters, and apparently the manufacturer received the OK from the corresponding federations ”. A mystery.

Wettergen adds that “we don't know where the fault isIf it is the organizer who does not measure correctly or it is the manufacturer who has deceived us and has not given the information to the Federation ”. Without a doubt, it may be a conflict that we find ourselves already in most countries ...

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