News : A truck driver kills two runners and injures three others in Oklahoma

News :

A truck driver kills two runners and injures three others in Oklahoma

Image of the crime scene in Oklahoma / NBC News

Sad news that comes to us from the United States and that fills us with rage for another imprudence in this deadly case against a group of runners. Six, specifically, who were training in the town of Moore (southern Oklahoma). All of them high school students of that population and cross athletes. Apparently, they were rammed by a subject with a truck which, according to several sources close to the case, responds to the name of Max Townsend, a 57-year-old male. Two girls died and three others are admitted.

The driver fled the scene of the crime

Townsend fled the scene of the crime, but could be stopped by police several blocks away. The case becomes more rocambolesque when apparently Max's son, Cody, seems to have died just a couple of days ago near where the deadly run-over occurred. The 28-year-old boy died of a car accident.

Rachel Freeman, a senior student who had just received a college scholarship, died there. Yuridia Martínez died later in the hospital. Three other students who are still admitted They are Kolby Crum, which is in critical condition, Joseph White and Shiloh Hutchinson. The New York Times has reported that Ashton Baza was treated for a broken leg and a broken and discharged ankle. Townsend has been charged with a crime of involuntary manslaughter in the first degree and six charges for leaving the crime scene. Apparently, he has a history of drug possession arrests. It is not 100% confirmed if the driver deliberately ran over the group of runners or was a tragic accident.

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