News : Abadía, Chiki Pérez, Santiago … The plan of the marathon of the 'Mareca Boys'

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Abadía, Chiki Pérez, Santiago ... The plan of the marathon of the 'Mareca Boys'

Mareca, with some of her athletes

José Luis Mareca is a simple guy. Practical. He likes to listen to his athletes, he believes that it is key to understand their feelings and be very aware of any concerns they may have after and before the sessions. The body is wise and confesses much more to us than we think. With a calm and calm appearance and explanations as logical as overwhelming, the coach from Zaragoza directs some of the best Spanish long distance runners of the moment.

He does it for the love of art because he works in a factory. Those hours limit him a lot, but he always takes time to dedicate to his own. "We are talking on WhatsApp all day, they don't get rid of me", he tells us. Some are scattered throughout the Spanish geography (Toni Abadía in Valencia, Chiki Pérez in Ciudad Real ...). He controls Carlos Mayo and Camilo Santiago from home, from Zaragoza.

We have so many things to ask you that we don't even know where to start. How have you carried the confinement on a personal level and what has been your slogan for your boys? What should training readjustment be after this anomalous situation? How do you see the rivalry that was born between Toni Abadía and Mayo and how do you experience it when they face each other? Will Chiki Pérez try to do the minimum and look for the ticket to Tokyo in the marathon? In parts, there is time for everything.

Go the one that we have had to live, Pepe ...

“At 62 years old, I had never experienced anything like it. The truth is that with fear, with uncertainty, especially because we have seen that there have been many deaths and it is something that worries. Then everything that has happened with healing has been a tricky issue. Having had to be confined at home, it has been necessary to find ways to avoid losing shape, stop the blow. We have investigated the best for everyone. I told them to have serenity and that each one within his possibilities try to have a daily routine; I think they have done quite well because we did not know how long it was going to last and the truth is that although it has been tough, the important thing was that they were well. Then we can move forward, "says Mareca about the exceptional situation we have experienced.

“In the beginning the most important thing was to work with your own sensations. Still starting to roll for example Toni, who was cycling at home, then I noticedor. It cost him more or less, he was in good shape, but he spent a couple of weeks just shooting. The only one who had a little more shape was Carlos because he was working on tape. The principle was not to think about doing strong training, but to shoot and find personal sensations that would allow them to train every day ”.

The return to the 'new normal'

"We were talking to everyone and I told them that I thought that with two quality workouts a week it was enoughe and the rest roll. Each one rolls according to what they want and the body asks for. Toni, who is thinking about the marathon, it looks good and it shoots a little longer. Camilo is also shooting quite well and Chiki. As for quality training, I prefer that it not be of great quantity because as there is still time to compete, it was more important to work hard on the slopes to gradually build up a good base of speed. By the time the competitions start, I think it will do them quite well. Pnow to make a 5 × 2000 is useless"

The Toni Abadía-Carlos Mayo rivalry

"The rivalry between them I think considering that they are friends and colleagues I think it's good, as long as they compete in something important and go together. They will help each other, then whoever wins, champion. In my personal aspect the truth that I could not express to you if I prefer that one or the other wins, but that they do well and within the rivalry that exists with other athletes if one of them can win, much better. The point is that inside you get nervous enough, but when it comes to thinking about whether one has to do better or worse, I don't usually give many laps, that everyone does well and that when it comes to winning, that the best".

“I prefer that each one be as he is with his circumstances. It is much more beautiful for the hobbyist, for the hobbyist. About this season, Keep in mind that Carlos was injured and has trained very well afterwards and had more desire and that could have influenced a little to determine that rivalry in his favor in San Sebastián or Zaragoza ”.

The Mareca Plan for the marathon

"We usually put three days of quality where one of them is more related to the marathon pace and sometimes yes The long shoot on Sundays is good. doing it depends on the week at a more relaxed pace for them and sometimes making it a little more specific that training on Sunday even if it is less kilometers doing it more in progression, making the last kilometers a bit more similar to what would be the pace of the marathon. It is not necessary to obsess much either and in fact then what will count the most will be the weeks and months that can be done in progression without starting very strong and reaching the last month with strength and more desire to face the test. In terms of kilometers, 160-180, 200 if you can get there some week, but without obsessing muchor because I almost consider it better to be able to train all those weeks between 160-180 than not sometimes pushing too hard if not because you have to listen to each other's bodies because all athletes are not equal. "

Is it good to run a stocking on fire a month before the marathon like Toni or Chiki did?

"For athletes like them, it is not bad to run a stocking at the top a month before. The only thing maybe the week after the half marathon to listen a little to the body and take it a little calmer, that you are not going to lose much either. You can roll the same in kilometers and recover a little what would be the quality after that average. The truth is that Chiki ran very well in Valencia, he came out very very determined, even risking because he passed the first 10k very quickly, and the truth that with the kilometers he had been preparing for the marathon, it came in handy because he was a little punctured, let's say he held on and managed to drop from 1h01 ′ ”.

You combine your work in the factory with training, Pepe. Even when?

"I have not given news because if you do not ask me I am not going to talk much about myself, but Since April 20 I am in partial retirement and I have to recover 20%, with which that in November-December I have just worked after 46 years and a half of contributions and in two months I am going to do 48 in the company; the news is that for that time I already stop working, with which I will be able to be more with the athletesYes, accompanying them on some bicycle training in the morning, I will experience it differently and I will feel like a professional coach, shall we say. I think that for them it will be a blessing because in reality all I do is support them, I like to be told about their feelings; You can schedule the training, but perhaps due to the circumstances that the training is, it cannot be done. I like that they transmit it to me because if that day what is most convenient is rest, you have to respect it ”.

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