News : Abadía takes the challenge before a pureblood

News :

Abadía takes the challenge before a pureblood

Abbey, in a stock image

The Aragonese Toni Abadía has imposed himself in this exotic challenge that has faced him against the horse Variuso du Bouffey and the jockey Juan Antonio Riera. The Palma Son Pardo racetrack hosted this Friday the ‘Athlete versus horse challenge’. Three-time champion of Spain of 5,000 meters, quadruple champion of Spain and European bronze medal of 10,000 meters, and Spanish record holder of 10 kilometers (27.48, Laredo 2018), the hand had to travel the 1,000 meters that the track of the hippodrome makes of perimeter, while that the horse had to do two laps (2,000 meters).

Winner with margin

With 500 spectators in the stands due to sanitary restrictions, the race has started, unsurprisingly, with Variuso and Juan Antonio pulling and breaking away. The pass through the 500 has been approximately 1'05 ”for the animal, while Abadía maintained a good pace and managed to reach the middle of the lap on gasoline. The finish was less tight than expected and Riera and du Bouffey failed to reach the level of an athlete who has won enough, stopping the time at 2:29:50 for the 2:32:20 of their opponents.

"Happy. We did a simulation and I keep my pulse and the sensations running and noticing the footfalls of the horse, it was incredible. I think that equestrianism and athletics, at any time, it is positive that they go hand in hand ", he commented after the Abadía challenge, adding that" being able to talk about such a challenge and clear up doubts is the most beautiful thing. The big difference, to begin with, has been the terrain. The most impressive thing is to notice an animal that has a top speed that you cannot even dream of and that you know that the moment he has you within range he will have no mercy ".

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