News : Abadía's 'long run' proving he's stronger than vinegar

News :

Abadía's 'long run' proving he's stronger than vinegar

Toni Abadia, after training this morning in Cantabria / Strava

He has nothing to prove to anyone, but the truth is that it is becoming clear that he is taking this gradual return to athletic activity with great enthusiasm and motivation. He was already sufficiently adequately imposed in the first athletic event after the coronavirus crisis in the 2000 Challenge 2000 ’against Chiki Pérez and Carlos Mayo, companions under the guidance of coach Pepe Mareca. He achieved a more than meritorious record of 5:02:85. "I am very happy to be able to run again with a number, some cleats ... It was a nice challenge," he said.

Going for the marathon in Valencia

The truth is that the Zaragoza player announced a few weeks ago that he has his mind set on his marathon premiere, which was postponed due to force majeure after suffering an injury when he was already facing the final stretch for the debut in Valencia'19. Precisely it will be in the city of Turia on December 6 when, if all the circumstances allow it (which are not few in the current times), we will see it for the first time cover those 42,195km. In fact, there is the hand residing and training for a few months.

In Laredo of ‘recognition’

Toni shares her activities on Strava and the last one she has uploaded is, without a doubt, a real scandal. It has taken a few days to ‘disconnect’ (not running, obviously) in Cantabria. We have it in the area of Laredo, where he will attack in October the national record that he himself owns of the prestigious 10k that is disputed there. This Tuesday, as we said, has hung a long run of 28 kilometers at a rate of 3: 18 / km. In itself, because it is a training, it is a very high pace, but it is that we must add a drop of almost 200 positive meters and the logical wind that always hits in the Cantabrian area (it has done it bordering the coast ).

Taking a look at the partials of its activity we see that the best was the last one (we get an idea of ​​how it ended, on fire), of 2: 58 / km. We also observed a positive progression in the rhythms (it starts at 3: 20's and ends practically from km 17 below 3:10 all the partials. Taking into account that it started at 11:30 in the morning with a sun of justice we can get an idea ...

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