News : Abadía’s preparation for its debut in Valencia

News : Abadía’s preparation for its debut in Valencia

Abadía, Santiago and Mayo, in a photo of one of their trainings in Bronchales

It’s over. Toni Abadía, Camilo Santiago and Carlos Mayo put an end to a one-month stay in Bronchales (Teruel), in this kind of ‘training camp’ that they have set up and of which Santiago gave us all the details in the Broker’s Bag. A very gratifying experience in which not only Pepe Mareca’s three pupils have shared kilometers and kilometers, but they have lived together for hours and hours, cooking, dividing up tasks and doing everything. Abadía has shared a message on his social networks in which he makes a brief reflection after these four weeks in Teruel.

Point and end

“Today we put an end to my preparation at altitude for the Valencia Marathon, in which running has been a way of living and feeling. 918 kms traveled through the Sierra de Albarracín with two great people and athletes like Camilo Santiago and Carlos Mayo ”, Abadía has published. Almost 1,000 kilometers divided into long runs at 3: 00 / km, recovery filming to stretch legs, series… A cocktail of trainings that have been followed to the bottom to get to the top of the appointment on December 6. They have said goodbye with 10 kilometers at 3: 50 / km.


Now they are in the full ‘tapering’ phase. “It will be a little what Pepe sends. We got off from here on the 22nd, we will do a week of training in Zaragoza and the last one, the approach week, between Zaragoza and Valencia. The penultimate week will be around 150 kilometers and the next, the marathon, practically between training and the race we will add 100-110km (up to marathon 50 or 60). A lot of rest, physio, eat well, avoid sudden changes in temperature, etc ”, Camilo told us. Good luck to all three!

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