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Abbey vs. May vs. Chiki

Abadía, Mayo and Chiki, at the presentation in Valencia

The competition returns in Spain and does so differently, but not for that less desired. We certainly have a terrible desire to see our athletes compete again. And to open our mouth we will have three of our best long distance runners, Carlos Mayo, Toni Abadía and Chiki Pérez, fighting each other in a 2,000 on the track. It will be this Friday day 26 from 21:00 at the Turia stadium in Valencia. The challenge, organized by the Cárnicas Serrano club and Valencia Ciudad del Running, will take place behind closed doors in accordance with the current security regulations of the Generalitat Valenciana for holding sports activities. In addition, to guarantee the athletes' safety measures, the five will undergo PCR tests on Thursday at the Ascires Campanar biomedical clinic.

Live streaming

The challenge will be broadcast live streaming from the Cárnicas Serrano YouTube Channel and the athletes will have the help of Ismael Quiñones and Nacho Giménez as hares, who will launch the race at a rate of 2 minutes 35 seconds during the first kilometer (projection 5:10).

We have spoken with one of the participants, the Castilian-Manchego Chiki Perez, who will represent the organizing club and who gives us all the details of the test. “The idea comes from Julia García, our manager, who tells my club, Cárnicas Serrano. It seems good to them and between the club, Julia and Valencia Ciudad del Running get down to work to get it ahead. The idea was for Toni to run in Valencia, Carlos in Zaragoza and me in Ciudad Real and we did it at the same time. But since we have seen the restrictions relaxed, we can train together and such, that no longer made sense. In the end it was decided that the three of us would compete together in Valencia ”.

Solomonic decision on distance

"Since you cannot compete, we are going to run a 2000 that will serve as motivation to have a goal. We clearly know that it is a race without more, but the key is to feel that you have a goal and train with that in mind. We chose 2000 because between our manager and our trainer Mareca we decided that it was the best. A 3000 not because it is a test that there are references, a 1000 I said no because it was too short and so we left it in the middle. We have had this on our heads for quite some time and just the Ingrebigtsen and Cheruiyot have already run that distance. They are going to think that we copied ourselves, but it has been in mind for a long time ”.

Toni, favorite theorist

“I think that Toni, even though he is thinking about the marathon, is a very versatile athlete, very fast. In the end He has 3:37 in 1,500 preparing another different test, which gives us to understand his potential. Right now Toni if ​​he was thinking about the 1500 would give a lot to talk about. I think that right now he has started with more enthusiasm than us and is a little stronger, but then on Friday anything can happen. ”

Mareca Boys

“The truth is that Pepe does not usually get wet, he will never say that he prefers one or the other to win. You can comment on who is better. As he says, "whoever comes first champion." Deep down he doesn't care a bit, he likes to see us there ”.

“It is a shame that I cannot be in this challenge because Both the three of us who compete and Quiñones, one of the hares, trains us. I feel bad that he can't be here, even the whole week. We are delighted that he will retire from December and we can be with him 100% ”.

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