News : "Abdessamad Oukhelfen is far from his roof as an athlete"

News :

"Abdessamad Oukhelfen is far from his roof as an athlete"

Oukhelfen poses with his bronze at the European Cros / RFEA

The Xef’s Team is one of the most outstanding youth training groups in our country. It is led by coach María Carbó, who has just been a mother. Among some of his most prominent athletes is Abdessamad Oukhelfen, one of the young promises of our fund. Maria tells us on the Corridor Radio about her work, her methods, Abdessamad and how she sees the new batch that is knocking hard on the door.

Maria, congratulations on your recent motherhood. As you take?

“The truth is that I am adapting very well because I like this situation. It is true that the pace of life has changed, but I am very happy and try to carry out everything I can in terms of work and training. ”

“I think that the more active you are and the more physically prepared, the better you carry these changes. I get along well because both during pregnancy and now I continue to lead a fairly active life because my daughter also likes the march a lot. ”

Does it help to maintain a physically active life during pregnancy?

"Of course, I think it helps a lot to be fit as on a psychological level. So far I have always been with the girl all day, she has come to the track some days with me even and now I will have to leave her at times. It's going to be a complicated thing to manage, but that's what it is. ”

Tell us the peculiarities of working with young athletes?

"The truth is that I like to start with young athletes, what happens is that now I have not wanted to train a very high volume of athletes due to lack of time and I am with a fairly closed group of 14. I have not had young incorporations and those I have are growing. Yes I have a junior, but most are sub’23 and absolute already. But it is true that I like to start with them from young people if possible. ”

"First of all, I try to hook them to athletics, which they like, especially to train, have fun. Another thing that I have in mind is to work a lot on physical condition and career technique, I am very obsessive with these two facets. ”

At the level of management of ’emotions’ I imagine that many times you have to “stop them”…

“It's what I do most in the training group. What I always try is that they touch their feet on the ground; It is good that they are ambitious, but they should know that this world is difficult and that sometimes things do not go as you want. You have to work humbly and have a lot of patience and that is something that costs them a lot. Plus when things are going well for them and they get good results, they always want more. It is important that the coach is there to stop them a little and to make them see that there are days when things do not go as you want. Luckily, I have not encountered so much cases of lack of motivation, rather what I usually do is curb that momentum. ”

One of your most prominent athletes is Oukhelfen, which is already beginning to stand out in background tests

“Abdessamad started working with me when I was a junior. I was lucky that when he arrived at the group he was very green in training. He had done very little and what he had done very well done. That was a point in favor because it was like catching a child athlete. The work with him has been very progressive and it has also greatly facilitated his way of being. I have never been in a hurry, I did what I said and limited myself to that. Year after year we have increased the volume of training, intensity and every year by incorporating new little things. ”

How do you manage individualized work with each athlete?

"The truth is that I am available to them 24 hours a day and I talk to them a lot. That I think is a point in favor, which helps a lot to the athlete-coach relationship and also to the athlete's confidence in the athlete he is doing and with himself. I don't see them many hours a week because they live in towns far from mine and we meet when the week is more routine without competitions 2/3 times weekly. With motherhood it has been a few days, so when I go to the track I am not aware of the clock, I spend the time it takes with them and listen to them. Then We talk a lot with the mobile and they tell me their feelings. As for training, that is what brings me the most work. I always try to have each athlete do the training adapted to him, but when they go down to Vilafranca I try to make them coincide in the series, so that they can help each other; It's very nice when they come because everyone does their own thing, but they help each other and I make them coincide in certain aspects. ”

Returning to Abdessamad. It must have been hard to manage all the time he was waiting to obtain nationality and could not make podiums or medals ...

“The season before having nationality was the toughest. At the beginning you have the hope that it will arrive, that there is little left, but you see how the seasons are happening and it still does not arrive, opportunities are escaping you, for him there were moments of discouragement and frustrating in which I had to reassure him and tell him to have patience and to notice not so much in results, podiums or medals, but in how he was growing he at the athletic level. "

“The time I have been with him has been training in progression, increasing every year and I think he still has a lot of room. It is true that he is now at a fairly high training level, but I think he is very far from most athletes who are getting similar results to him. Telling you this you see that it has a lot of room and I think the best Oukhelfen is yet to be seen. ”

Do you fear that with your evolution think of a change of training group to ‘prosper’?

“Well that can always happen. And maybe when a high level is achieved is when athletes talk to more people, they think they can improve if they renew a group or coach; I try not to think about this, I think about the day to day and how I can help you now to be a better athlete, both now and in the long term. I have been thinking about him for years with a project looking towards Paris 2024, in the very long term, but I know it can take another direction and if that happens I will wish you luck. ”

You have a young and talented athlete, Jordi Torrents, who carries an ordeal of injuries ...

“Jordi seems to have a piscosomatic lesion; During all this time he has been tested and has not just seen what injury he has. Still with discomfort, but also recommended by doctors we decided to continue training with apparent normalcy. We didn't know if to stop, but, so now we're training again but it's not just fine, some weeks it bothers, some don't, so we are adapting to that hoping that one day they will remit and he is prepared to try to perform at a high level"

“I would not focus on specific names, but on the global level there is, which is very high. That can also make more than one out on a very prominent level worldwide. It is a very good moment, that these girls and boys facing Paris 2024 can drop medals and give us joy ”.

Where will we see Oukhelfen in these coming months?

“In the case of Abdessamad we are not clear yet if he will play the covered track. The idea is to prepare the cros well to make a good Spanish Championship of 10,000 and then in May-June we get the 5,000. We will have just decided soon if it does 3,000 on an indoor track and depending on how it goes we will decide if it does something else on an indoor track or we will continue with what is planned ”.

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