News : Adam Hansen; the professional cyclist who takes advantage of the end of the season to debut with a time in an Ironman

News :

Adam Hansen; the professional cyclist who takes advantage of the end of the season to debut with a time in an Ironman

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Adam Hansen's name is likely to be familiar to more than one. The cyclist of the Lotto Soudal is a true “rare avis” within the international squad. The Australian has always stood out for his eccentricities and is that in addition to having the record of more consecutive participations in great laps with 20, it is also a restless ass off the bike. Hansen who became vegan a few years ago, has a passion for technology and It has long been manufacturing its own cycling shoes, some of them with power sensor included.

However, it seems that travel about 70,000 kilometers in 419 days since in August 2011 he ran the first of the 20 great consecutive laps did not leave him tired enough.

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Adam Hansen has his own brand of potentiometers with a meter integrated in the shoe. Photo: Twitter Adam Hansen

Hansen who officially finished the season with his team last October 22 in the Tour of Guangxi has taken advantage of the rest period and "stop" to stick a different holiday. No relaxation, no beach, no sun and umbrella.

12 days after the end of the season, Hansen placed himself with hardly any training at the starting line of the Florida Ironman.

As I confess later through social networks Hansen I only train the race on foot 10-15 times. Most of them with routes of 6 to 8 kilometers and therefore very far from the 42,195km of the marathon on foot that awaited you in Florida. It is normal for the Australian to joke afterwards with the bestial pain he had to endure.

However, best of all is the result. Hansen finished the Ironman in 9:05:54. A time that the majority of mortals would sign to complete the 3800 meters of swimming, the 180 kilometers of cycling and the 42,195km of running race of which the test consists. If it doesn't happen to be for the 8 and 5 "minutiae" that he gave in the "clumsy" transitions, Hansen would be an Ironman sub 9.

The professional cyclist of the Lotto Soudal finished in position 38 although in the cycling part he took out his enormous qualities as a rodent, that have led him to win a stage in Giro y Vuelta, to finish effortlessly the number 15.

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the “horns” of Adam Hansen's goat were placed just 4 days before the Ironman. Photo: twitter Adam Hansen

As a curiosity to comment that Hansen was manufactured 4 days before the Ironman its own triathlon couplings. Very long horns in black and with the characteristic #vegan.

Hansen has a contract for next season and although I imagine he will soon begin to seriously prepare the new course for nothing, he would dismiss him as a great specialist in long distance triathlons for the future. Everyone takes vacations in their own way!

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