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Adidas running shoe guide

adidas running shoes guide

Making a running shoe guide of the adidas brand is easy, on the one hand, but difficult, on the other. The explanation that is easy is that its catalog is so monstrously large and varied that without leaving the brand, all categories and with several models are covered, in addition. On the other hand, the explanation that it is also difficult must be found in that precisely that variety is what motivates us to think about which models to discard ... because not all of them fit!

Each season there are models that appear, others that disappear, others that keep adding improvements and others that not only improve but evolve, as is the case of adidas Ultraboost 19, which in its fifth review, has been deconstructed to be reborn as a Authentic and recognizable daily training shoe.

That is why We have divided into four categories (Initiation, Training, Mixed and Competition) the presentation of the most representative adidas models we have considered. Go for it!


In the Initiation category we include models that have everything that a running shoe should provide (cushioning, support, lightness, breathability, etc., etc., etc.) but without the materials or technologies necessarily having to be the most advanced. And obviously, in return, you get that the price is more affordable, since one is starting or already consolidating in the practice of the running race. They are shoes that can be used by all types of people as they progress and get to know each other and learn what their ultimate needs are and thus continue the same or already fine tune the shot in the face of the next purchase.


With little more than € 50 of PVP we are facing one of the best adidas shoes in terms of value for money. Such is the success of this versatile shoe that is already in the ninth installment, something unusual in medium and low ranges, where in almost all brands the news lasts only some season. The weight is only 294gr in the finish of man and 239gr in that of woman.

Duramo 9 is a Neutral tread shoe with enough flexibility. In its midsole uses the Cloudfoam compound that is responsible for the damping, and although it does not have the properties of a Boost or its durability, during its useful life it performs its function. The height of the midsole is 23.5mm in the heel and 14mm in the forefoot, which gives a drop of 9.5mm. Underneath it uses a sole constructed with Adiwear rubber, using a Waffle tacking with profusion of flex grooves.

In the center there is a hole that can be remembered to the one used by Torsion System, but here its function is only to subtract some weeds from the total weight of the shoe. Above, the upper is characterized by being built in one piece, with heat-sealed reinforcements to avoid seams. A curious detail is the inclusion of two parallel rows of eyelets so that those who use them have more options for closing the loop. The price of adidas Duramo 9 is € 54.95


RunFalcon is a shoe that looks really good, that doesn't seem to match the competitive price it has. Is designed to run, but not limited to that activity, but could be combined with a gym use If who uses them performs these two activities. The style, like a good urban shoe, makes it very wearable to use in the activity before or after training. This is a very light shoe, with 271gr in men and 232gr in women.

The midsole is built in EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate), a lightweight and cushioned material to withstand the impacts that occur when running. In the finish of man, at the height of the midsole by the heel part is 28.4mm, while under the metatarsals it is 18.4. This gives a difference of heights of 10mm. In the finish for women, the heights are 27.4mm and 17.9mm respectively, resulting in a drop of 9.5mm.

Below, the sole has a pattern in waffle, as a good running shoe, but without being very aggressive, hence it can be used in other physical activities, although not in a main way. The sole material is solid rubber, for good grip and durability and has transverse grooves to facilitate the flexion of the tread. Above the mesh is breathable and lightweight. It has reinforcements on both sides of the shoes to better hold the foot when closing the laces. These in turn are introduced by a pin in the tongue so that it does not move laterally, avoiding that discomfort. The price of adidas Runfalcon is 49.95 (offer man and offer woman).


Cosmic 2 is a versatile shoe that pampers a lot of breathability, either running in the street or on the gym belt. The mesh that wraps around the shoe is woven in a way that helps good foot ventilation. Behind, there is a rigid piece around the heel, FitCounter, which helps stabilize it at the moment the foot hits the ground, a very bad moment during the tread. Thanks to this buttress, the effects of these impacts on the ankle when running are minimized. The cords are flat and are passed through the tongue so that it does not move from its place.

The midsole is built with adidas CloudFoam material. This is a type of EVA compound that helps in cushioning the running shoe. It is included in shoes that can be used in other activities or even in a daily use such as walking, with the idea that it is as comfortable as possible. The height of the midsole is different depending on whether it is for men or women being 28-18mm in their case and 26.5-17mm in theirs. The resulting drop is also different being 10mm and 9.5mm respectively. Below, the sole is constructed with adiwear ™ material, resistant and with good adhesion. The weight is 316gr in the finish of man and 263gr in that of woman. The price of adidas Cosmic 2 is € 49.95 (see offers).


Training shoe means any shoe that will be used to train practically every day, if we need it. They are slippers where cushioning, stability (if applicable), fasteners, protections, grip and breathability will be more important. Lightness is present, but it is not as important a value as it would be in a competition shoe, for example.

The quality of the materials increases because they are also designed for greater durability since they have to withstand a lot of variety of runners, during many sessions and practically all kinds of mileage. They are usually used by those who have some training continuity or are on their way. And there are many who use them directly for Sunday's race, especially if they like to be comfortable in the race as this is another factor that defines this type of shoe.


Ultraboost 19 is a daily training shoe, versatile but much more rolling than previous versions. The fact that it now has more Boost and that the base of the shoe is wider, makes the range of runners and runners who can use it increase. So runners of all kinds, even of some weight (not exaggerated) will be able to use it without problems. At slow and somewhat cheerful rhythms it is perfect to go comfortable, cushioned and protected. If you accelerate, it also responds, but, like many daily training shoes, it is not intended for the fastest rhythms. This is a matter of using mixed shoes, or even competition shoes.

The Ultraboost saga is extensive, as evidenced by models such as the classic Ultraboost, Ultraboost Parley, Ultraboost All Terrain, Ultraboost Laceless or Ultraboost Uncaged. Ultraboost 19 weighs 310gr of weight in the finish of man and 268gr in that of woman, while the drop is 10mm. price Official is € 179.95. (See discounts).


Solarboost 19 further refine the extraordinary upper that has differentiated it from the other shoes. Thanks to being inspired by how NASA optimizes its creations to the fullest, adidas develops an upper that leaves no millimeter without a specific job. Thus, it has used in its creation the ARAMIS system with which to analyze all aspects of the tread in thousands and thousands of photographs per second of that movement. The result is an upper with modular construction that uses fibers according to a computer-made pattern with exact precision of how each point of the mesh will work and that leaves no room for the use of excess material.

The midsole is made of Boost, a compound capable of working in very wide temperature ranges and providing damping with a high degree of energy return when running. Inside there is a piece called Rail propulsion that helps stabilize the tread, is built in EVA but does not intervene directly in the damping. The height of the midsole is 32mm in the heel and 22 in the forefoot (10mm drop). Below, the sole is Continental ™ of the Stretchweb type, a material that grips both dry and wet. The official price of adidas Solarboost 19 is € 159.95 (SEE THE BEST OFFERS).

Solarboost ST It is the equivalent to adidas Solarboost but with stability control (ST = Stability). The Germans also use here the ARAMIS technology, with thousands of photographs per second of the movement of the foot when running, to obtain as a result an exceptional upper. It's what adidas calls TFP, or Tailored Fiber Placement. Behind, Fitcounter, a visible buttress, will help stabilize the foot when it comes to touching the ground when running.

In the midsole we find a Boost with reinforcements of higher density under the arch to continue obtaining a damping with high rebound, but that this is stable. The drop is 10mm based on heights of 32mm in the heel and 22 in the forefoot. As in Solar Boost, Propulsion Rail is used for greater stability in the tread and when launching the stride. Underneath, in contact with the ground, we find Continental ™ rubber of the Stretchweb type, which is more flexible and allows the tread to be more adapted to the ground. The weight is 314gr in the finish of man and 278gr in that of woman. The official price of adidas Solarboost ST is € 159.95.


Solar Glide 19 It is the first review of adidas Solar Glide. In turn, it replaced an entire adidas flagship such as Supernova Glide, or Supernova, in its last stage. And if the pavilion was high, with the waste of technology used in its preparation it has only improved. From the outset, it is now lighter, thanks to its 286gr in the men's finish and the 240gr in the women's finish, a very good start for a daily training shoe.

Solar Glide 19 is a high-end shoe made from a midsole based on the Boost compound and has heights of 32mm in the heel and 22mm in the forefoot, giving a drop of 10mm. This midsole incorporates Energy Rail that allows, despite being a shoe for neutral tread, better control stability. Another element is Torsion System, responsible for facilitating the control of the rotation of the ankle. Below, the rubber used is Continental ™ and is of the Stretchweb type, very flexible and adaptable to the ground for a better grip. Above, the mesh is light and breathable and uses heat-sealed reinforcements. Behind, we find Fitcounter in the heel to improve the stability of the ankle. The official price of adidas Solar Glide 19 is € 139.95 (see discounts for men and women).

Solar Glide 19 ST It is a shoe with the same general characteristics as Solar Glide 19, (that is, a daily training model, but also usable in long-distance races if you do not intend to go to any rag, or if the distance to travel is longer than short) but this time focused on runners and runners with excessive pronation in the tread. In fact, that "ST" is equivalent to "Stability", within the jargon of adidas. Here the weight rises a few grams to 302 in the male model and 278 in the female, which is not bad, either.

Solar Glide 19 ST maintains a 10mm drop based on heights of 32 / 22mm in a midsole built in Boost and that reserves a reinforced part, just under the plantar arch. In fact, both outside and inside there is a reinforcement that runs along both sides to guide the tread, but especially under the plantar arch, where Boost has a higher density to contain the overpronation and is assisted with the Torsion piece to help in the rotation of the ankle. Underneath the sole is also Continental ™ Stretchweb, with great grip, flexibility and adaptability. The mesh, light and breathable is reinforced with heat-sealed elements to avoid seams, while behind Fitcounter will contain the ankle when it hits the ground. This area is crowned with a strip that will help to fit the shoe better. The official price of Solar Glide 19 ST is € 139.95 (see offers for men and women).


adidas Pureboost is a shoe aimed at "Natural Running" and dedicated to daily training. The concept is based on accommodating all types of footprints, although at the beginning it must be said that it has a neutral shoe structure, but that allows the mobility and natural flexibility of the foot. The weight of adidas Pureboost is 258gr.

The upper cut is characterized by using a circular Knit mesh, one piece. This mesh is hugged at the foot very effectively thanks to the use of the ARAMIS system in its design. Boost ™ stands out as a cushioning material in the midsole. It is present in many of the high-end shoes thanks to its cushioning and its high capacity to return energy when running. The height of the midsole is 26mm in the heel and 18mm in the forefoot, which gives 8mm drop. The sole is constructed with Stretchweb, the elastic compound of the German brand Continetal®. Stretchweb allows good traction on all types of surfaces, even wet. The official price of adidas Pureboost is € 139.95 (see Offers)


As a mixed shoe, one that is on the way between a daily training shoe and a competition shoe is understood. Although it is usually closer to this second, there are even models that are not clear if they are of one type or another. It is usually used for fractional training (series, for example) or any where you want to reproduce situations with high rhythms or close to the races. In fact, most people use them for these quality workouts and then take them to the races they play on Sundays. The profile used would be that of a runner or broker with some experience and engaged in training of a certain entity and in the search for a melee against the clock.


The mixed shoe by adidas, Adizero Boston 8, in its latest installment is shown with a midsole made in Boost. This material provides this agile shoe with cushioning and rebound with energy return, which is much appreciated for a mixed shoe that can be taken to any competition, especially medium and long distance if you have a low or medium weight. The height of the midsole is 29mm in the heel and 19mm in the forefoot, for a drop of 10mm. Inside is a Torsion System unit to facilitate rotation of the ankle during the tread.

The sole is manufactured by Continental ™ and is a Stretchweb type, very flexible and adaptable to the ground, providing extra softness. Above we find that the upper is built with Microfit, a type of very light and breathable mesh that closes on the foot with a very good fit. The weight is quite low: 244gr in the men's finish and 202gr in the women's finish. The price of adidas Adizero Boston is € 139.95 (SEE OFFERS).


adidas Adizero Tempo 9 is a mixed shoe with stability control, one of the few in its profile to offer this feature. Companion of those who have problems with overpronation, but who do not give up a nerve shoe on their feet either to perform series or directly in competition. Adidas companion Adizero Boston (the latter for neutral tread) is indicated to work the speed stably, from the point of view of the tread.

The midsole is built with Boost, cushioned and with high energy return, but with a higher density reinforcement in the inner midfoot area, precisely to fight against excessive pronation in the tread. The height is 29mm in the heel, while it is 19mm in the area under the metatarsals, which gives a drop of 10mm. Between the midsole and the sole we can see the Torsion system to aid in ankle rotation. It is much more advanced than in any other adidas shoe, but because the entrance is expected to be more than half-heel than heel.

The sole, by the way, is made of Stretchweb rubber from the Continental ™ brand. Above, a MicroFit technical mesh ensures breathability lightly and incorporates reinforcement strips in the outer area of ​​the metatarsals to ensure greater tissue durability. The weight is 278gr in the finish of man and 230gr in that of woman. The official price of adidas Adizero Tempo is € 139.95.


Adidas Adizero RC is a mixed shoe more affordable in price than others, but that does not detract from performance. Both for quality training series, as for competitions on Sundays, it comes with everything that is expected of a shoe of this profile, starting with lightness since, if only for one gram, low of 200gr. It is a very good alternative for those looking for a model with which to work that plus in training, or try to scrape a second in a race, but they are not willing to spend too much on it (remember that they should not be used as sole shoes , but combined with others, of daily training).

The midsole is made of Bounce material. It is not Boost, but it provides cushioning and reactivity, the two main features of this part of the shoe. The profile is quite low since the heel is only 15mm from the floor, while the metatarsals are ... 8.5mm! The drop, therefore, is 9.5mm. Underneath, the sole has an aggressive design since the tacking is small and full of cuts and profiled shapes to provide maximum traction. Even those on the toe are smaller to push until the last contact with the ground. The material used here is Adiwear ™ and is crossed by a multitude of transverse grooves for great flexibility.

The central part, without solid rubber, is thus to subtract a few grams in the general weight of the shoe in an area with little work compared to under the metatarsals. This hole shows the Torsion System piece that helps in the correct rotation of the ankle during the tread. Above, a light mesh, very open and breathable will allow the feet to be ventilated and fresh during the race. On the sides there are reinforcements for better support of the foot. The official price of adidas Adizero RC is € 79.95


Racing shoes, or flying, have no secrets of what they are for: racing. Although eventually they can also be used in series training, their place is in pure and hard competition. In fact, they are not suitable for all public shoes because they demand that those who wear them are minimally tanned. It is a matter of design: just as a formula 1 is not expected to incorporate an all-terrain front-fender, a competition shoe eliminates the “expendable” in order to obtain the minimum possible weight and a unique sensation of the terrain.

So, the midsole they have lower profiles, the studs are very incisive, but not very durable, the protections and reinforcements are minimal (in some cases, nonexistent) ... All those things that are subtracted in favor of speed and maximum performance are the reason to demand who uses them that must be very well trained and prepared muscularly, mainly so that those shoes do not stop working on your behalf.


The fourth installment of the adidas Adizero Adios competition shoe keeps key elements in its success such as the midsole built with Boost. Repeat with 80% Boost and 20% EVA coinciding with the top most in contact with the foot. The height is 27mm and 17mm (heel-metatarsals) so the drop is 10mm. The sole is the same as in Adizero Adios 3, therefore, it is a rubber produced by Continental ™, the German giant tire manufacturer, at the service of the top models of his compatriot adidas. Through the sole we see Torsion System, the one in charge of stabilizing the rotation of the ankle during the tread.

The most important change is found in the upper. And although first may seem very similar, adidas already warns that it fits so much that it is better to take half a number more than the usual of each. The reduction of material in skin is very noticeable and therefore the mesh surface increases, improving breathability. The three bars have a less blunt function than in the previous delivery, not going down to the base of the shoe. The weight is maintained in the 226gr of the finish of man and 186 of the woman. The price of adidas Adizero Adios 4 is € 149.95 (see offers).


Adizero Takumi Sen 5 It is when you run what a delicatessen when eating. It is a competition shoe conceived by the prestigious Japanese designer Omori and his companion Takumi Ren (Mimura) stayed in the way. It is a model that, although it maintains elements such as the height of the midsole, it is mounted each edition to weigh somewhat less, being the lightest of this relationship when going down to the miserable 170gr. A shoe designed to compete but that does not deserve to be used in preparatory sessions such as the series.

The midsole is built in EVA ... but not all. Boost takes out the ears just where it can best do it, which is under the metatarsals, a place where it will hit hard during use, for a better drive taking advantage of the energy use of this compound. The heights of the midsole are 25.5mm in the heel and 16.5mm under the goals, for a drop of 9mm.

The sole uses a Continetal® rubber with an aggressive diamond-shaped Quickstrike design, in line with that of the competition shoes and which has to be tractioned both on dry and wet surfaces. The most reinforced areas of the sole are those of the heel and toe. Above the mesh is very open and ventilated and has as its main reinforcement the heel buttress that hugs the ankle to stabilize it during the tread. The official price of adidas Takumi Sen 5 is € 159.95 -.

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