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Adidas urban running shoes

adidas is growing an important collection of Running shoes focused mainly on an urban environment. And not only running, which we understand specifically, but shoes that mainly serve to run, but some can be used in some other discipline, linked to running.

So, we are going to see models that are clearly focused on Running; others that also, but that can also be used in the gym; and others, just very valid to start, but without giving up high quality material.

What they all have in common is a careful staging, with elegant aesthetics that would be worth to be used to dress. In fact, that is also one of its uses: for those who wear them working or doing other types of activities, while they wait for the time to crush ...

We are going to see those shoes with that cut and urban use that makes them stand out from the rest.


adidas Pureboost is a shoe oriented to the "Natural Running" and dedicated to daily training. The concept is based on accommodating all types of footprints, although initially it must be said that it has a neutral shoe structure, but that it allows the mobility and natural flexibility of the foot. The weight of adidas Pureboost is 258gr.

The upper cut is characterized by using a Circular Knit mesh, in one piece. This mesh is hugged to the foot in a very effective way thanks to the use of the ARAMIS system in its design. In the midsole, Boost ™ stands out as a cushioning material. It is present in many of the high-end shoes thanks to its cushioning and its high energy return capacity when running. The height of the midsole is 26mm in the heel and 18mm in the forefoot, which gives 8mm of drop. The sole is constructed with Stretchweb the elastic compound of the German brand Continetal®. Stretchweb allows good traction on all types of surfaces, even wet. The official price of adidas Pureboost is € 139.95 (see Offers)

adidas Pureboost DPR It has a profile a tad lower. It maintains 8mm of drop, but from a heights of midsole of 24 and 16mm respectively, and incorporates Transition Wider Forefoot that consists of a wider forefoot to favor the stability. At the top an outer reinforcement is visible in the heel area to help contain the ankle when it hits the ground. The weight is 244gr in the man's finish, while in the woman's it is 232gr. Its official price is € 139.95 (see offers).

adidas Pureboost GO instead, it also uses the Circular Knit mesh, but it does not have that rigid reinforcement outside the ankle and it is the mesh itself that is reinforced with thread. It also uses Boost ™ in a midsole that has heights of 26 / 18mm for an 8mm drop, while a Continental® Stretchweb outsole mounts on the bottom. The weight is 294gr in men and 257gr in women, while the official price is 119.95 € (see Offers).


adidas Alphaboost Parley is another new model in the running category but it is good for some extra activity. The sole, built by Continental ™ in a striking white color, comes with a waffle tapping but nothing aggressive that it does not limit movements in any direction, so it can be combined with other activities, or in a complementary way. Even so Alphaboost Parley deceives, because it can seem rough and not at all since it falls of 300gr (289gr exactly). The sole will also allow a good flexibility thanks to more than a dozen transversal holes that configure it.

Above the sole, a midsole built with Boost guarantees cushioning and a high degree of rebound. And not only that, adidas has inserted a higher density Boost under the bow that will help the footprint to be more stable by controlling overpronation. The drop is in 10mm thanks to heights of 20mm in the heel and 10mm in the forefoot. The upper is what gives the model its name because It is built with Parley mesh, from fishing nets recovered from the oceans and submitted to a laborious recycling process. The bowl is booty type and is topped and topped with two large strips that act as handles. The official price of adidas Alphaboost Parley is 139.95 € (SEE offers).


The new adidas Pulseboost hd running shoe comes with a profile designed to run mainly in urban environments, with Hard surfaces such as asphalt or sidewalks. That's where the midsole built with high density Boost material will work to provide both cushioning and energy return and stably. The height of the midsole is 18mm in the heel and 10mm under the metatarsals, which gives a drop of 8mm.

On the bottom, in the sole, we find Continental ™ rubber for a good grip and durability. It uses Adaptive Traxion technology precisely focused on hard surface environments, as is usual in cities. Above, the upper uses Adapt Knit, a mesh made in point, with perforations to breathe better and provide adjustment to the foot in all phases of the tread. As details it should be noted that on the tongue the coordinates of three important cities such as Paris, London and NY are inserted, but above all, a QR code to focus directly with the mobile and receive information about the adidas runners community and recommended routes, among others. The weight is 340gr, while the official adidas Pulseboost price is € 139.95 (check the best offers).


adidas Senseboost GO is another running shoe designed to train comfortably and reactive thanks to its midsole built with Boost ™. The soft but strong cushioning feature of Boost ™ makes up this part of the shoe that has heights of 18mm in the heel and 10mm in the metatarsal area, which gives an idea of ​​the perception of the soil that you have when you wear them. The drop, as it can not be otherwise, is 8mm. Underneath, a Continental outsole built with the flexible Stretchweb will allow it to adapt even to small irregularities, although surfaces such as asphalt will be its best environment. A very numerous and flat taqueado will favor this point. In addition, both sole and midsole has a wide base, to favor turns or changes of direction.

The upper is constructed with a single layer of a piece, although it is spectacular external reinforcement that embraces from the joint between midsole and upper, holding the laces exerting the first eyelet, a surprising solution that will hold enough for possible lateral forces what can be given The tongue is soft and will facilitate the closing of the loop. It is topped with a QR that connects with the adidas runners community and routes recommendations (using the mobile). The weight is very light: 274gr them and 237gr them. The official price of adidas Senseboost GO is € 119.95.


adidas Sensebounce + arrives with a blunt appearance. It is a running shoe by asphalt with which to perform all kinds of kilometers. The midsole is built with Bounce, a compound that has nothing to do with Boost and is built with a high quality polymer with better performance than a traditional EVA. As we explained in adidas Alphabounce Beyond, it is a material that provides cushioning with certain reactivity and flexibility able to adapt to different situations of use. This midsole is wide providing stability and is characterized by a drop of 8mm based on heights of 18mm in the heel and 10mm in the metatarsals.

The sole is built with solid rubber without excessively aggressive tapping, which makes it easier to use. In the upper we find a classic lace closure on a knit mesh in a single piece, topped by a high heel that acts as a shooter, useful to those who have trouble passing the foot. The tongue incorporates a QR that links with the runners community of adidas and with options of routes to cover training (as long as you scan it with your mobile, of course!). The weight is 366gr and can be a good option for runners and runners of scale and who usually move through urban environments. The official price of adidas sensebounce + is 99.95 € (SEE OFFERS).

Adidas Sensebounce + Street is a more stylized finish than Sensebounce + and in which manages to bite a few grams to the scale by lowering the total weight of the shoe to 322gr in the man's finish and 268gr in the woman's. Focused also for runners of wingspan, the sole will allow to combine it with other types of activities, and more if it is considered as a good option as an initiation to running. One of the most positive aspects of this shoe is its value since the official adidas Sensebounce + Street price is € 79.95.


adidas Speedfactory AM4 RFTO es another running shoe for training with a soul to be kidnapped by those who want it just to show off. Its name is pure coding of what it is: Speedfactory is the manufacturing innovation platform in which the German brand produces articles with a specific focus and design. On the other hand, there is AM4, which is the acronym for "Adidas Made For ..." and in this case it is RFTO, that is: Run for the Oceans, which we have echoed in adidas, Ricky Rubio and Run for the oceans and previously in adidas Parley: "Run for the Oceans".

In short, adidas Speedfactory AM4 RFTO in a running shoe in limited edition which is characterized by using yarn from the recycling of networks recovered from the oceans. The entire upper is designed with the colors that inspire the oceans, as part of the customization. This mesh comes with all the reinforcements necessary to contain the foot during the race and is mounted on a midsole made of Boost, the cushioned material that returns part of the energy in each step. Inside there is a Torsion unit to control the ankle when it hits the ground. The sole is made of rubber and forms a multitude of flat blocks and a generous surface in contact with the ground, excellent pattern for asphalt or cement, for example. The price of this very "wearable" running shoe is € 149.95.


adidas Alphabounce Beyond is a shoe for all types of workouts that include high intensity. This means that it can be used for sessions in the gym that require jogging as part of the training. That is why, in its design, it has taken into account the stability in the changes of direction, in the starts and stops. It is easy to recognize this when you see how the midsole goes up to the height of the malleoli keeping the foot in place for many side strains that may occur.

But it is a shoe to run likewise, thanks to its Bounce midsole and here it has heights of 22 and 12 millimeters respectively, for a drop of 10mm. The outsole, built in Continental® rubber, has a herringbone pattern, valid for room sessions, but with more transverse grooves just in the area of ​​the metatarsals, to facilitate flexibility during the running. Above the mesh is ForgedMesh type, that is, with reinforced areas, but without using seams. The tongue gains a lot of height to facilitate the act of putting the foot in the shoe, which, although it is of a broad shape, has a structure of booty. The official price of adidas Alphabounce Beyond is € 99.95.

adidas Alphabounce + Run Parley is the evolution of Alphabounce but with the great particularity of using a mesh with great ecological load. The Parley for the Oceans association is dedicated to recycling plastics removed from the oceans, especially from fishing nets. And that's what the mesh of this shoe consists of, a high quality fabric, lightweight and breathable and ecological. In the midsole the Bounce material is a lighter foam than the traditional EVA and it will go very well to adapt to the tread and any type of movement. At the bottom the sole is a rubber with a herringbone pattern valid for any surface. The price of adidas Alphabounce + Run Parley is 99.95 €


adidas Edge Lux 3 is a shoe with a specific shape for women, which is characterized by being designed to be used to run both on the gym tape and on the street. The mesh, being breathable and elastic, is also reinforced for a high grip. The midsole is Bounce type, very valid for activities that not only run, although this is the main use. Bounce is a cushioned compound, better than an EVA, and it also behaves flexibly. The sole is made of solid rubber, with good durability and with a waffle pattern that on one side pulls and on the other contributes to flexibility.

It is a shoe with some measures that are not seen much lately because at its 30mm height from the heel with respect to the floor you have to subtract 15mm from the metatarsal area for a drop resulting in no less than 15mm. The weight is in a slight 210gr. The official price of adidas Edge Lux 3 is € 89.95.

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