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Advice, diet and better exercises

Summer is coming and one of the usual Google searches has to do with fat burning and doubts about how to eliminate abdominal fat.

Thousands of articles with misinformation that is not based on studies and thousands of miraculous products to eliminate fat from the abdomen circulate through the network. However, do not deceive yourself: it is very difficult to eliminate localized fat. Or, at least, it can not be eliminated in isolation. Do not be fooled

But it's not impossible. The secret formula is a healthy lifestyle routine that involves General fat loss from diet, physical activity and a series of guidelines that we will tell you next.

With a correct training routine that includes cardio exercises to eliminate general fat, and specific exercises to tone, you can reduce and eliminate much of the fat located in the abdomen.

How to eliminate abdominal fat

You have to work it out, there's no other way to reduce belly fat.

The combination of cardio exercises to burn fat, such as elliptical or running. It is important that the duration of these activities is not less than 45 minutes, which is the amount of time needed to start burning body fat deposits.

If the same activity bores you, you can combine them. For example, do 20 minutes of static bike, 20 minutes of elliptical bike and 20 minutes of running.

Along with cardiovascular exercise we propose a series of exercises focused on the burning of abdominal fat and the definition of the area.

Exercises to eliminate abdominal fat

There are many abdominal exercises you can perform to try to burn localized fat. We suggest you watch this video with our program designed to work the abdomen in a functional and useful way.

Some of the most recommended are the following:


You can also make side plates. Lie down supporting the lower part of the arm and the body laterally on the ground. Now raise the body up, extend the arm until it is perpendicular to the body, lower it and lower the body to the initial position. Repeat several times.


This is well-known.

To do this, lie on your back with your legs flexed and place your hands behind your head. Contract the knees to the front while flexing the upper body. Return to the starting position exhaling the air and repeat.

Press pallof

This exercise can be done with elastic bands or with a pulley in the gym. Stand upright, grab the rubber bands by positioning yourself in profile and stretch your arms from the chest. Hold the position and pick up the arms again. Repeat several times.

Fitball irons

Rest the lower part of the arms on the fitball and raise the body as if you were doing an iron. Hold the position between 45 seconds and 1 minute and rest. Repeat several times.

Sit up

It is also a well-known exercise when it comes to doing sit-ups. To do this you can sit with your legs stretched or semi-flexed and the exercise consists of lifting the entire upper part of the body. You can do it frontally or laterally to work the lateral abs.

Abdominal wheel

This accessory has become very fashionable. It is a double wheel with two lateral grips that is used apparently very simple, but it is not so much.

Lateral and oblique abdominals

You can make them with weight or without it. For example, in standing position you can take a weight in each hand and lean to the side, descending a little towards the feet. Repeat several times.

You can also lie on your back, with your legs flexed and touch the side of the shoes with one hand. Then with the other. Repeat.

Diet to eliminate abdominal fat

Some basic dietary recommendations What you should keep in mind when burning abdominal fat are the following:

  • Fluid intake It is advisable to drink more than 2 liters of water daily. More than a matter of fat burning is a health issue. Remember that water is essential so that all the functions of your body are carried out properly.
  • Taking foods rich in fiber and think about the nutritional component of food when choosing between one and the other when you are in front of the car in the supermarket. It is not only a matter of calories and fats, but also of nutrition.
  • Gave goodbye to simple carbohydrates. Eliminate sugars from your diet and forget about carbonated drinks. Much better if you replace them with water.
  • Keep your Active metabolism eating 5 times a day. Thus, your body will process better what you eat and improve the elimination of fats.
  • Control the amount of food you eat. Reduce the size of your dishes, especially when you eat carbohydrates such as pasta or cereals like rice.

Now you know how to eliminate abdominal fat and summer is just around the corner, what are you waiting for to discuss your new training plan with a well-defined goal?

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