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Aero bike or climber? Opinion and buying guide

aero bikes or climbers

When one sets out to buy a road bike The first thing you should be clear about is the type of bicycle you are looking for. Decide if one suits you best aero bike or climber It is a reflection that you should make before scratching your pocket.

It is evident that aero bikes They are very beautiful and that their aggressive aesthetics quickly seduces the consumer. However, for different reasons not all cyclists can and should not ride one of them. The market offers different alternatives that should be kept in mind to minimize, among other things, back and neck injuries.

Do I buy an aero bike or a climber? If this question is running through your head, I hope that after reading the publication you will have a clearer idea of ​​the bicycle that best suits your personal characteristics. Letting yourself be carried away by the heart and the view is very good, but in the long term believe me that you will appreciate a little sanity in your decision.

Aero bikes. Double-edged weapon

As I told you aerodynamic bikes They may be the best purchase, but also the worst investment in the last 10 years. The aero bikes They are a double-edged sword and it is convenient to be very clear that they adapt to both your profile and your needs.

At the biomechanical level the aero, with the permission of the goats for triathlon, are the most aggressive bikes on the market. They demand a body posture quite "racing" and they are not recommended at all for users who present physical discomfort or problems.

Although you can always play with the height of the handlebar, the stem or the saddle, there is little point in carrying an aero in a “globero” format. If you do, you will be sacrificing all the benefits of this type of bicycle and you will be left with a “great fund” that is not very manageable.

To take an aero bike you must take time in the world of cycling so in no case would I recommend its purchase for a first contact with road cycling.

On the other hand, as positive aspects we find the excellent performance these bikes have on flat terrain and of half steep orography. The feeling of rolling with an aero is brutal and the average speed will rise without realizing it. Are bikes designed to roll at a good pace and at high speeds. It will be from 35-40 kilometers per hour when you really start to take advantage of an aero in front of a climber.

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In addition, they are extremely rigid bikes and at maximum power you will have the feeling of taking advantage of every watt that comes out of your legs. If you live in a relatively flat area and without much unevenness, an aero bike can fit perfectly into your plans. Models like the Specialized Venge, La Orbea Orca Aero or Trek Madone are examples of aero bikes.

In short, although aero are the most beautiful bicycles in the world, you must value more than aesthetics. Prioritize your needs and start to specify the type of product that best suits you based on this aspect.

The climbing bicycle

Although in a way we could say that the climbing bikes are the bikes of a lifetime the thing is exactly handle.

The climbing bikes They have had an enormous evolution over time and the section on technological development has nothing to do with that of 15 years ago. Although it may not seem like it, climbers also have a huge investigation behind each geometry.

Your name should not be misleading. Although they are known as climbers, they could well be called versatile bikes. The climbers are the lightest on the market and they have great performance on all terrains.

Obviously they stand out above the rest when steep slopes arrive. Are very manageable and the geometry has been designed to overcome the great mountain passes.

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At a geometric level they tend to present a moderate structure. Playing with the components we can have a more racing posture or a more comfortable one. The same occurs on an aesthetic level.

If we put some profile wheels on it and equip it with disc brakes we will have something very similar to an aero bike. These types of bicycles offer a great versatility and they can be used on any type of terrain. I recommend your purchase on most profiles.

The Specialized Tarmac, Trek Emonda, Scott Addict or Cannondale SuperSix are examples of climbing bikes.

The alternative of the big bottom bikes

Although it seems so, road cycling does not end on aero bikes or climbers. The great bottom bikes They are a real alternative that brands offer for a certain user profile.

Models like the Specialized Roubaix, Cannondale Synapse or Trek Domane are examples of great bottom bikes.

The great difference and the great attraction of these bikes lies in the frame geometry. The large bottoms have been designed to maximize user comfort and so that the cyclist can ride long hours on the bike without discomfort or health problems.

The geometry is less aggressive and therefore the biomechanical position is more sustainable. Obviously this means giving up aerodynamics and extreme lightness when the road stings up. Nevertheless with the big bottom bikes you will practically forget about discomfort in the back, cervical and other parts of the body that tend to suffer when we spend too much time "coupled"

In no case should you make the mistake of associating large pools with bicycles for ballooning. Nothing has to do one thing with the other. In fact, most pros (including Peter Sagan) ride great bottom bikes during classic season.

The endurance bikes They are very manageable and although it is customary to go a little higher than the handlebar you will not be renounced to ride at a high speed on flat and broken terrain.

Currently, a great rival has appeared to the road bikes. The gravel bikes They continue to gain market share and are considered a great alternative to purchase thanks to their enormous versatility.

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