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after 20 hours of flight

McSweyn, competing face-to-face with Jakob and Cheruiyot / AFP

Without a doubt, for Australians living and training in their country of origin, competing in Europe or in countries of the Northern Hemisphere is a challenge. It's something they have to deal with every summer, but that doesn't make the transition any less harsh. One of the most fashionable 'aussies' athletes right now is Stewart McSweyd, who held the two titans of the moment: Timothy Cheruiyot and Jakob Ingebrigtsen to the same finish line in the 1,500 race that we live in Stockholm. A career in which, by the way, the Spanish Jesús Gómez shone again after achieving his personal best in the distance a week before in Monaco.

Flying in the 'milqui'

The Kenyan prevailed in the Swedish capital with a record of 3.30.25, five tenths above his current great rival, the younger brother of the Ingebrigtsen who stayed at 3.30.74. Less than a second later (just seven tenths) came, practically stuck, this 25-year-old Australian. A McSweyd who was interviewed after the race, in which he achieved a personal best (3.31.48) and left several headlines so that we can also get an idea of ​​the handicaps that athletes who train on the other side of the world must deal with now.

The handicaps

“I am happy with my performance, obviously. Monaco was my first international race and it was hard for me to fly 20 hours. I felt good on the court and I thought I had a lot to give inside of me, but when Timothy started pulling I realized that he was not as good as I thought he was. It is also a personal brand and I am happy, "says the Australian, who adds that"when I left Australia there was a total confinement, the weather issue (we are less than 10 degrees there)… Everything is going in the right direction and I still have a lot of room to grow ”.

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