News : Alex Wilson’s ‘incredible’ European record in the 100m

News : Alex Wilson’s ‘incredible’ European record in the 100m

Wilson, born in Jamaica in 1990, credited until yesterday a best mark of 10 ″ 08 in the 100 meters of the year 2019. The 9 ″ 84, if considered valid, would represent a new European record that until yesterday was jointly held by the Portuguese Francis Obikwelu and Frenchman Jimmy Vicaut with 9 ″ 86

With a legal wind of +1.9 m / s, the Swiss “burst” his best personal records achieved in 2019 of 10 ”08 and 19” 98. On the other hand, his ceiling this season, reached at the end of June, was 10 ”38 and 20” 64 in the 100 and 200m, respectively. In his last 200 meters in Oslo, on July 1, he stopped the clock at 20 ”98.

So why is this sudden improvement? The competition was part of a meeting for amateur athletes and does not seem to have the necessary exit sensors for the record to be approved by the European Athletics. In the video that we attach below, it is also observed how the athletes are out of blocks once the starting shot is heard, although it could be due to a delay in the image.

In turn, Rana Reider, coach of the best sprinters in the world, stated on Twitter: “We know 100% that it is not real.”

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