News : Alexander Zverev criticizes Ivan Lendl: “Many things will change”

News :

Alexander Zverev criticizes Ivan Lendl: "Many things will change"

For the first time in three years, Alexander Zverev will again participate in the tennis tournament at Rothenbaum in Hamburg. In the run-up to the sand tournament in his hometown, in which Zverev had his first professional match 2013 denied, he now expressed criticism of his coach Ivan Lendl.

"Sometimes we go to the tennis court, you train for two hours, and half an hour of it he stands with his back to me and tells how he played golf the morning before," said the 22-year-old about Lendl, who in the In the 1980s, as a player, he led the world ranking for 270 weeks. In addition, the 59-year-old has a new dog to which he devoted a lot of time.

After Zverev's disappointing appearance at Wimbledon, where he already dropped out in the first round against Czech qualifier Jiri Vesely, it came to a clarifying conversation: "We have talked about it, and I told him that he should focus more on tennis "Zverev said. Currently he is alternately trained by his father and Lendl, who will not be in Hamburg. Whether Zverev sees a common future with the ex-professional, he left open. "Many things will change," he said only.

Is an end to the manager dispute in sight?

His form weakness had brought Zverev several times with the ongoing lawsuit with his ex-manager Patricio Apey in combination. "Anything going on outside the field has an effect on me, and I need to sort it out to play well again," Zverev said after losing to Vesely.

In Hamburg, the World Ranking Five now hinted at progress in this matter. It's going to be even clearer in the next few days, and I'm glad it clears up so slowly and I can focus on tennis again, "Zverev said. Apey had resisted Zverev's allegations and offered personal talks. Whether it came to that, Zverev did not betray.

Returning to Hamburg, Zverev said, "I know I'm at home, I know the audience will be behind me." In the past few years, the 22-year-old had avoided the tournament in his homeland and instead traveled to Washington for the hard court tournament to start preparing for the US Open.

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