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Alexander Zverev: Tennis star buttoning his coach

After first-round: Zverev open: manager dispute soon solved, announcement to coach Lendl

Two and a half weeks after his first-round finish at the Wimbledon tournament, tennis pro Alexander Zverev has remarkably openly expressed his disagreement with his former manager and his unsatisfactory cooperation with coach Ivan Lendl.

Zverev lamented on Thursday in his hometown of Hamburg, former world-class player Lendl does not focus on work as his coach.

"I told him so frankly," said the German and gave an example of this. "Sometimes we go to the tennis court and the training is two hours long, with his back to me half an hour, telling me how he played golf in the morning." Lendl's main themes are just "Golf and his little dog".

"Many things will change"

Zverev reiterated a few days before the traditional tournament on Rothenbaum yet that it goes on with Lendl. But he announced: "Many things will change." When Lendl again looked after him at a tournament, he could not say yet. Zverev will be coached by his father Alexander Zverev senior next week.

After the Grand Slam debacle of Wimbledon in early July, he had already raised heavy charges against his ex-manager Patricio Apey, without having named the name of the Chilean. "Outrageous" the world ranking fifth had called the events that would burden him. Zverev had split up despite Apey's ongoing contract. "Hopefully, the topic will soon no longer be an issue," said the 22-year-old now for months of trouble. "It will be even clearer in the next few days," he said at the press conference before the European Open. "It will slowly clear up everything, so that I can completely concentrate on tennis again."

Zverev does not work together

In Hamburg Zverev was relaxed and solved. After his early departure in London, he had once treated himself to a one-week break with friends in St. Tropez. The best German player beats since Monday for the first time since 2016 back in Hamburg. In 2017 and 2018 he had played at the parallel tournament in Washington and won each. "I wanted to go back home this year and play again in Hamburg", said Zverev, who had grown up with Uhlenhorster HC Hamburg.

His year is not going the way he expected. That's why he wanted to return to a place where he knows everything, "knowing that I'm home, that the audience will be behind me, where I feel like I'm being liked." It is also the first visit of the living in Monaco Zverev ever in his home for three years. The first night he was pleased to "sleep in his cot".

Zverev is next to the Austrian French Open finalist Dominic Thiem and the Italian Fabio Fognini the third top ten player in the € 1,713 million endowed clay court tournament at Rothenbaum. In the doubles also beat the French Open champion Andreas Mies / Kevin Krawietz (Cologne / Coburg) on.

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