News : Aliphine Tuliamuk, the USA Trials champion with 31 brothers

News :

Aliphine Tuliamuk, the USA Trials champion with 31 brothers

Aliphine in a race this season

Of Kenyan origin, American Aliphine Tuliamuk has proclaimed champion of the USA Trials of Marathon and has earned a passport for the Tokyo Olympics. With a mark of 2:27:23, it has been imposed ahead of Molly Seidel and Sally Kipyego (the three will represent the United States in the 42 kilometers that will be fought in Sapporo. Outside is the well-known Des Linden, which has It was fourth, the minimum was at 2h45 and there have been records of athletes crossing the finish line below that time.

Until 12 running without shoes

Tuliamuk has a spectacular history behind. As explained in an ‘ESPN’ report, the Kenyan-born broker played her first 10,000 race at the age of 12. We talk about 2001. I didn't even have a pair of shoes and ‘rattled’ with the pair of shoes I could ‘hunt’ out there. And it is that the family of this already nationalized American is of very poor origin. Account, eye to the data, with 31 siblings fruit of the four wives that his father has (eight children with each one, it seems almost up to date).

It is the case that the legendary Kenyan athlete Tegla Loroupe made a talk at the Tuliamuk school and there everything changed for her. He gave Aliphine a pair of sneakers and the brand-new USA Trials champion ran those first 10,000 with them. It was very good after the African woman of origin, who currently has 30 years and will be the great champion of the American women's marathon.

"The American dream"

Born in the town of Kongelai, in the legendary Rift Valley, Tuliamuk says she ran six to eight miles a day when she was six years old. During his time at the institute he represented Kenya in the World Cups of Cross. His successes did not go unnoticed in the United States. Life in Kenya was very hard for her and her family (several of her brothers died for different diseases), so he accepted a scholarship at Iowa State University to do his entire schooling there. He came to a new world, that of his dreams, and he very soon stood out in the background.

“If you talk to Tuliamuk, you realize that it is different, you don't forget it. The Africans are usually very discreet, shy, but she can be talking to a stranger for four hours, ”said her coach a couple of years ago. "It would be the American dream", Aliphine said before facing the Trials. He has 'cured' it.

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