News : Alkaline creatine, what is it and how to take it?

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Alkaline creatine, what is it and how to take it?

Creatine how to take it

Have you tried alkaline creatine? If you are an athlete you are interested in knowing this supplement, since its benefits will make you perform optimally during sports.

Next, we explain in more detail what it consists of, what benefits and advantages it brings, and how you should take it.

What is alkaline creatine?

It is a type of creatine also known as buferada that promises to help us in a wide variety of relevant aspects.

Normally, many users think that the intake of creatine is only valid for those who want to get an increase in their muscles, but this supplement goes far beyond muscle gain. Do you want to discover all its secrets? Continue reading.

Benefits and advantages.

This product can help us in the following aspects:

  • It improves strength and endurance.
  • It is a good recuperator for after intense exercise practice.
  • Develop our abilities as athletes.
  • Avoid fatigue and fatigue during the toughest workouts.
  • Power capacity in interval training.

Differences between alkaline creatine and monohydrate.

Let's see below what are the main differences between traditional creatine and this new version.

Alkaline creatine

In the first place, we can highlight that the alkaline is resistant to the acidic pH of the stomach, endures in its pure state until it reaches the blood, is more easily absorbed, and the muscle takes advantage of it in its entirety, so we can take a lower dose than Monohydrate

It does not generate fluid retention, nor does it cause swelling or cramping. Nor is it necessary to ingest carbohydrates to enhance their absorption.

Monohydrated creatine

This version offers a more poor absorption. It is true that in terms of price it is cheaper, but the dose to be taken daily is higher. A large amount of product is wasted and, in addition, in some cases it has caused digestive problems and fluid retention.

Despite what we have mentioned above, it is a very studied and analyzed version, so it provides extra safety in its consumption. In fact, in most cases, the negative effects are usually caused by an excess dose.

How and when to take it.

After discovering all the benefits so diverse that this supplement offers, you will wonder how and at what time to take it.

The alkaline dose is usually enough with 1.5 grams per day for a continuous period of 28 days in total. You can consume it both before and after training. In addition, it is not necessary to do a loading phase.

This supplement is quite simple and convenient to ingest, therefore, more and more athletes are joining this new option.

Does it carry any risk?

Actually, your continued consumption is very safe. However, if we exceed the recommended dose we may suffer from certain stomach problems such as nausea or diarrhea.

It is also very important that if you are taking any type of supplementation you hydrate correctly throughout the day, not only during sports.

In the event that you notice any strange symptoms or doubts arise about your intake, we recommend that you go to a professional to advise you about its use correctly.

Its effects on runners.

You have been able to verify that most of the benefits that we have mentioned above can come in handy if you are a broker. Now, is it a supplement for fondistas or sprinters?

First, if you run simply for fun or to keep fit, your intake will not make much sense. It is especially recommended for runners looking to improve their performance and perform more intense workouts.

Actually, it is a product that goes well both for those who do long-term sessions, and for those whose workouts are shorter but have great intensity and explosiveness.

In short, both fondistas and velocistas can obtain great benefits and advantages of this supplement.


Alkaline creatine is a good supplement for those athletes who seek to improve their performance optimally.

If you are a runner, whether in the background or speed, it can help you reduce fatigue and fatigue, and increase your strength and endurance. In addition, it also turns out Very useful for those users who wish to perceive an increase in their muscle mass.

Do you dare to try this version of creatine?

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