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All about the mini cut to lose fat - La Bolsa del Corredor

If you have been exercising your body in the gym for a while trying to gain muscle mass, it is likely that you have also increased your body fat percentage. If you want to slow down the dynamics a little, lose some of weight and define the muscles a little more maybe it is the right time to do a mini cut.

Next, we tell you what a minicut, what benefits does it have and how is it applied during a volume phase.

What is a mini cut?

A minicut, a mini definition or a mini cut is a short period of time in which calorie intake is significantly reduced. The mini cuts do not usually last more than 3-4 weeks and in the fitness world they are practiced sporadically in periods of volume (muscle gain).

The objective of the mini cut is to promptly stop the calorie surplus in which we find ourselves in order to lose, or at least control, the percentage of body fat. Nutritionally it can be said that we go from an excess to a calorie deficit.

The mini cut are more aggressive than the definition periods, so in terms of health it is advisable to pay close attention to both their duration and their operation.

When to make a mini cut?

As I have previously commented, mini cuts usually appear during periods of calorie surplus and muscle gain.

This is so because prolonged periods of volume always translate into an increase in body fat. To avoid looking too "flabby" and then having too much work ahead, these short mini-definition intervals are introduced during preparation. The mini cut will help you regain some lost ground and prepare well in advance for the next standard definition period.

We will only have to plan a mini cut in case the percentage of body fat has skyrocketed. Keep in mind that the caloric deficit you are going to generate will not help you at all on your way to gaining muscle mass.

During the mini cut it is normal that your energy levels are lower and that you have some difficulty reaching the goal in certain strength exercises and / or resistance.

During the mini cut it is normal for the energy levels to be somewhat lower

How to make a mini cut?

If with all of the above you think that it is the right time to carry out a mini cut, the first thing you should know is the correct operation of this phase.

Ideally, you should be in the hands of qualified personnel who can advise you both in your physical preparation and in the nutritional section. You should not take either of these two factors lightly as you could be putting your own risk Health.

In this line I would like to highlight two aspects. On the one hand weightloss and on the other decrease and distribution of calories.

How much weight can I lose in a week?

Regarding healthy weight loss, the weekly limits will vary depending on the athlete's physiological pattern. Heavier people with a higher fat percentage will be able to lose more weight per week (both in relative% and in absolute kilos) than thin people

At a guideline, I emphasize the guideline, the following can serve as a reference to lose weight weekly pattern:

-People with less than 10-12% fat: 0.5% of body weight per week

-People with less than 15-17% fat: 1% of body weight per week

-People with more than 20% fat: 1-3% of body weight per week

On the other hand, it is also very important to be clear about the distribution daily calorie by macronutrients. Some people become obsessed with stopping eating fat with the idea in mind that this will translate into greater definition, completely neglecting the health effects this may have.

As a general rule you can divide the daily caloric intake in the following proportion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates: (volume phase)

-Protein: 2.2 grams per kilo of body weight

-Fat: 0.75 - 0.8 grams per kilo of body weight

-Carbohydrates: the rest

How long does a mini cut last?

The truth is that there is nothing written about the duration of the mini cuts. Every physical trainer must adequate planning and the diet to the characteristics of the interested party.

In general, mini cuts do not usually lengthen more than 3 or 5 weeks. As I mentioned, it is a significant caloric deficit that should not be prolonged in excess. The duration and aggressiveness of it will also vary depending on the attributes of the athlete.

People with a higher percentage of fat can benefit from stronger mini-cuts. Athletes with a Body Mass Index (BMI) They should reasonably control the drastic decrease in calories more.

If you lengthen the mini cut excessively and therefore remain too long in a caloric deficit, you will be putting at risk a certain amount of muscle mass.

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