News : All Spanish minimums for Doha in the absence of the Spanish Championship

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All Spanish minimums for Doha in the absence of the Spanish Championship

Esther Guerrero, in the past European Glasgow / EFE
Esther Guerrero, in the past European Glasgow / EFE

We are at the gates of Spanish Championship of La Nucía, last chance for our athletes (those who have not yet done so) to achieve the minimum to participate in the World Cups in Doha (Qatar) from September 28 to October 6. So far, a good number of them have already fallen throughout an intense summer and very full of competitions and meetings.

Vallehermoso fell in love

At the premiere of Beautiful valley four minimums were achieved, three of them in the men's 800 meters test, which achieved it Álvaro de Arriba, Kevin López - although this one is centered on the 1,500- and Mariano Garcia, which again showed tremendous courage. And also in 800 has it already Adrián Ben

The other was achieved by the hurdler Sergio Fernandez In the 400 meters hurdles, he is the only athlete of this test that has the mark enough to be in Doha.

At the moment, there is no Spanish who has achieved it either in 100, in 200 or in 400, or in the male or female category. Another thing is the medium fund because in addition to the mentioned 800 men, in 1,500 they already have it Adel Mechaal and Kevin Lopez among the boys and Esther Guerrero and Marta Pérez In the girls.

Only one marathon with minimum

In the 5,000 and 10,000 we also have no preclassified, while in the marathon there are already three men: Javi Guerra, Dani Mateo and Amid Ben Daoud and a woman, Marta Galimany

Orlando Ortega it will be in the 110 meters hurdles, where it will be one of the candidates for the medal, while in the 3,000 obstacles Fernando car will lead the team, although they also have the minimum for the World Cup Ibrahim Ezzaydouny and Daniel Arce. He also achieved it a few days ago Irene Sánchez Escribano in the female category.

Héctor Santos and Eusebio Cáceres they have it in length, Lois Maikel Martínez on disk, the fabulous Javier Cienfuegos, which broke its own record of Spain on hammer on Saturday, as well as the great Ana Peleteiro in the triple female.

The march, a guarantee

Miguel Ángel López, Álvaro Martín and Diego García they will be in the 20 kilometers male march, while María Pérez and Laura García Caro They are the two shortlisted so far in the women's event.

In the 50 kilometer mode, José Ignacio Díaz It is the only one shortlisted by the federation, although the brand also has others such as the veteran and eternal Jesús Ángel García Bragado, Marc Tur and Benjamín Sánchez. In girls, they will be safe in Doha Julia Takacs and Ainhoa ​​Pinedo, but the minimum mark has also been made Raquel González and Mar Juárez.

This is how things are up to this moment although this weekend the Spanish Championship in La Nucía and the deadline to make the minimum ends next September 6. And it is that the World Cup will start in the Qatari capital between September 27 and October 6.

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