News : All the details of the Edreams Mitja Marató of Barcelona 2020

News :

All the details of the Edreams Mitja Marató of Barcelona 2020

The Mitja of Barcelona is falling

With record of participants, inscriptions closed for days and a tremendous illusion comes the Edreams Mitja Marató of Barcelona. The test, which will be held next Sunday, February 16, will bring together elite athletes and more than 23,000 runners and runners through the magical streets of the city. With a circuit traced to that of 2019, but with some novelties at the organizational level this historical thirtieth edition is presented. A month before the Marathon, perfect for last long preparation runs and optimal for a debut. On the circuit, elite athletes, supplies, numbers and everything that moves we chat with its director Cristian Llorens in a special program of the Radio del Corredor.

Is everything ready Cristian? This is warm, warm ...

“The truth is that everything is in a 99% profiled and done, you just need to polish some last minute detail. This year the truth is that with a little more pressure because we have closed with 23,000 registered athletes, 4,000 more than in the previous edition, and there are 23,000 athletes whose needs have to be met and make them live an unforgettable experience. ”

What reading do you do of ‘replenishment’ despite having increased 4,000 dorsals?

“It is a bit the result of the result, I suppose that in recent years things have been done well. 4,000 people more than last year, running out of registrations for the second year in a row and we have closed even before. As I said before, I take it with a little more pressure, but children already like it, it is part of our work. Now it's time to work to make everything perfect. ”

“I believe that there is no main reason, it is a sum of several of them. Do not forget that the Barcelona brand pulls a lot internationally, that foreigners look for any ‘excuse’ to visit the city; To this we must add that the distance of a half marathon does not require so much preparation (to come to finish) that the marathon and that makes more people can aspire to it. Then more and more women decide to sign up and live it. This together with the great circuit we have, fast, where there have been 5 world records, because it makes whatever your motive or need we can satisfy.

“Much of the increase in registration is given by women, who increasingly dare more with distance. In the last ¾ years the presence of women has increased considerably; in the marathon the increase is slower and here in the last year we reached 31%. It almost doubles the marathon. I hope that continues to increase and there is more every year. ”

Tell us about everything that comes with preparing a test of this magnitude and the figures it drags.

“The race is prepared with 13 months in advance; that is, the previous month of an edition we are already thinking about that of next year. This year we handle a participation of 23,000 athletes, of which more than 7,000 are women. We have made a record of countries (122 represented in it) and foreign participation for the first time exceeds 45%, approaching marathon figures (about 50). We have about 700 volunteers, more than 100 people of health personnel, then there is also the urban guard device that is around 500 people. This year as for elite athletes we are around 65 women and the not insignificant figure of 140 men.

In addition, for the first time we can follow it live on television ...

“For the first time this year the race will be offered on live TV3 and streaming. For those who cannot come or cannot go out to cheer (which I recommend), they will have that option. We always make a production and make a 26-minute program that is given in Esport 3 and Teledeporte. At the production level it does not change much, but the main change is that when making a production of TV3 at the level of fixed structure on arrival, platforms, infrastructures, etc., because more things have to be taken into account. But go, that the tracker gear in the race and we already have it ”.

The foreign presence is close to 50%. Where will the runners come from in this 30th edition?

“The most represented countries are France (more than 1,900), Germany, United Kingdom or Italy, with between 1,000 and 2,000 athletes, but there will also be from Jamaica, Brunei, Cambodia ...For us it is something special. We are full of satisfaction that people from such different places come to run the Mitja. It is a responsibility because we do not want to let you down and we want you to leave with a great experience in the legs and also in the emotional. We try to adapt it. We have two speakers and one if I remember correctly speaks four languages ​​and the other eight. It helps us communicate messages not in all languages, but in large part. ”

Let's get into the circuit. Make us an x-ray, Cristian.

“We go in parts. For the debutantes my personal advice is to go out and enjoy it, do what they have trained and that It is always better to stay a tad short of pace than not to go over. I always say that in Mitja and in the Marathon you have to squeeze, but you shouldn't agonize, because then you don't enjoy it. They will have time to overcome brand, improve and such. For those who are already more experienced and seek to file seconds at the time of entry, tell them that they have succeeded, It is a circuit with 5 world records, so it is optimal for this. Two things have to be taken into account: first, which is very linear (it only has 21 curves). ”

“We are talking about a curve every 1,000 meters, which helps to get pace and keep it; then, to keep in mind that the hardest part is the Parallel, which is the part that climbs a little. We are talking about going from 2 to just before 4 and you don't even realize why you are with the energy of the output. Then there are very fast sections to recover those small seconds that in the Parallel you may be able to book. You have all the part of Gran Vía, with 14 crossings, to catch a steady pace (2.5 kilometers in a straight line); Then you have the part from the Bailén turn at 6.5 to Pallars which is lowered. The sections of descent are gradual and you can take a good pace and keep it. Then Pallars, Peru, Rambla Prim, quite flat and lowered at the end, then the psychological part of Diagonal Mar that goes back and forth that is fine because you can see the runners in both directions and can be encouraged; from kilometer 17, when you take the coastal walk, it depends on the year if it blows a little wind if it blows from the ass it is appreciated, but if it does so in the face it can be annoying and you have to protect yourself well. It's about three kilometers. It is a circuit to fly. ”

Can you see a record on February 16 on the streets of Barcelona?

“Look, first of all the headline that I would say regarding elite participation is that there will be a race and it will be very disputed. Because of quantity and quality, we have many young athletes with good brands, others that make their debut in the distance, but with very good numbers in 5,000 and 10,000 that make us anticipate that it will be a disputed race. In case this was not enough this year we have put two hares to ensure that it comes out at a cheerful pace. I believe that the men's race will be exciting, we have 4 very strong Ugandans who have assured us that they are coming fast; the feminine one too, with the small detail that Roza Dereje returns, which last year already ran the Mitja. This year he comes after winning Valencia with 2:18 and he has told us he wants to break the World Record. ”

And, to all this, a world champion like Martín Fiz looking for the World Record + 55 ...

“Martín does not stop surprising us since he retired at the elite level. He is still very motivated and every year marks challenges and challenges that make him look forward to it. This year has marked the world record of half marathon +55 and when this challenge was raised he recognizes that from minute 1 the place to do it was Barcelona. Here we wait for him and we wish him to do well and for the weather to be benevolent. ”

How will the service of hares and supplies?

“Supplies there will be like every 5 kilometers every year, from 5 to 10 and 15. There will be isotonic and water drink and then more solid upon arrival. Then there will be groups of hares from 1h15 ’until 2h every five minutes, which will help people who want to meet that mark that runners have in their heads”.

The weather is a little crazy this winter. What clothing level advice can be given?

“I dare not predict anything about time. He is a little crazy and can do from 20 degrees to six. They say they can lower temperatures a little these days before. I recommend two things: one, look at the time, even if it seems logical. When there are two days left for the race, get informed; Then, don't get too warm. Especially less experienced people tend to get too warm because they leave home early and may have the feeling that it is colder, but then in the race with body heat we have everything left over. It is better to go a little less warm than to go too much because you sweat and you can become dehydrated. ”

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