News : All the incredible data left by the historic Valencia Marathon

News :

All the incredible data left by the historic Valencia Marathon

Cheptegei, with its 10k World Record in Valencia

The sixth best marathon in the world (the fifth if we consider only the best male and female brand). The Valencia Marathon was an absolute success and will go down in the history of Spanish athletics. On Radio del Corredor we wanted to know all the details of the test that was played a few days ago. Juan Botella, manager of the organizing club of the race, the Correcaminos Sports Society, attends us to take stock of the 39th edition. In addition, we discover some details of the 2020 edition, which will commemorate the four decades. This does not end here.

Have you been able to rest, Juan?

“The rest is impossible after such a great race because you have to disassemble, you have to pay the party (there are 500 companies that in one way or another intervene in our marathon) and you also have to start planning things because the race every time you have to anticipate more your organization. The rest will come at Christmas. ”

In just a few weeks you exceed 21,000 registrations ...

“We as an organization, on behalf of sponsors, Valencia City Council, SD Roadrunner, are only able to say thank you. Thanks to all the runners because with so much advance notice they already have us in their configuration of the running calendar next fall. What we hope is to live up to that confidence, not to disappoint her and make a race of more quality, more intense and an experience that still satisfies the runner who comes to Valencia. ”

"It is likely that this year the registration closure will be anticipated greatly. It is a great responsibility that people choose you one year in advance. This puts Valencia at a level that is not so far from the ‘majors’, which with a year in advance also practically or with 10 months have their seats covered. People mortgage trainings, preparation, calendar, thinking about that career they will play. This inscription rate is a great satisfaction, but we understand it as a responsibility ”.

“We are very focused on fulfilling expectations and doing it if it fits a little better and keep thinking that Valencia must do many marathon races within that great test shell. I say many because there is an elite career with their needs that are very different from another that comes to make a mark, the other that comes to do sports tourism, etc., etc., give each of these types of runners a race with a little more quality. ”

"We will be shelling slowly what we will do for that 40th anniversary. Despite not being a totally round number, we do have several initiatives to commemorate it, but everything will be throughout the year and always focused on that December 6, that race that we hope will be wonderful for the vast majority of runners who get out. ”

What does the future hold for the Valencia Marathon? Can you be even more ambitious?

“We hope that around February the decision on what are the 10 marathons that will be made public for the first time in history they will have a platinum tag. We have fulfilled the scales and now we must wait for that decision. That would be a first milestone, a step forward, because for the first time there will be a marathon in Spain with a platinum label. Of course you can be more ambitious. In sport you always try to opt for first place even if you don't get it. Always with our feet on the ground, but we will try to improve. I don't think it's any bravado if I say that the 2020 marathon is going to be better than the 2019 marathon and it will generate more expectation. ”

Juan, give us figures of everything he generated and gave if he proves ...

“We are still waiting for the report of the Valencian Institute of Economic Research, which I think will come about spring, which is what marks the economic impact it has had for the city. Last year it was 18 million euros, for example. For the first time there were more than 21,000 finishers in a race in Spain; There were many medical attention, but they were of low intensity (muscle injuries, heat stroke taken on time, etc.). The device in that sense was magnificent because of the speed of action ”.

“The race, regarding the sports field, the sixth fastest in the world is placed in men, but the marathon is placed the fifth in history if we add the female and male record. The Marathon Europe Record was achieved by 55 ”and snatching it from Mo Farah, Ozbilen now has it; 57% of the top 100 men classified and 62% of the top 100 women classified beat their personal record. There were 43 Olympic minima in the same race (nowhere has happened in 2019). Then those who go will go because that already depends on the federations of each country. 67 men lost 2h20 ’for the first time in the history of the Spanish marathon, 91 women lost 3 hours in the same race for the first time in Spain; has been the eligible marathon with more runners below 2:30 in the world in 2019; it has been the best race ever for sub 2h08 athletes; best race in the world in 2019 for his tenth place (it was 2:07:46); best race in the world by mark of his twentieth place (2:10:45); that is to say, in Valencia you arrived with that time and you were on 20; best race in the world in 2019 for 50th place; best race in the world in 2019 for 100th place. Some numbers of extraordinary power. We must also be very humble and keep working because in the end that is achieved by athletes and we have to make things easy for them, so they can be happy. ”

What a surprise the victory of Alayew ...

“I will be absolutely sincere. We didn't expect Alayew to win. We knew it was very good because in the 2012 junior world championships he was fighting for the bronze until the end (he was fourth) and he won three athletes with a great race. But since then he lost his trail, had family problems, injury problems. A couple of years ago he returned. In Copenhagen he made 1:00:19, which was a very good debut in half marathon, but it was not top. He came to Valencia because in addition to the stars we give opportunities to beginners and we knew that I could make a good brand. The marathon has these things, which a debutant gives surprise. I remember when in 1984 he broke the world record a debutante, a Welshman, Steve Jones who did 2:08:04, in his first marathon and in the rain. Sometimes this world holds these wonderful surprises. He has a problem, which is badly injured, an important handicap, but if health respects him, be careful. ”

And I often show the female test ...

“In the women's event there was no surprise. We knew that Dereje was very fit because we knew their level of training and that of their adversaries. We knew that the level of the female test was even higher than that of the male. Suffice it to say that Cheruiyot, Olympic champion, several times world champion, could only be fourth with 2:18:52, a mark that gives you the victory in 99% of the marathons of this planet. The show was great, the 4/5 favorites were together from the beginning, with a splendid pace to go down from 2h19 that marked the hares, and until the end the victory was not decided, although we knew that Dereje had legs and was saved for that final sprint. "

And what about Cheptegei ... Do you see him as the future heir of Kipchoge?

“Every athlete is a world and sometimes comparisons are difficult. Of course, Cheptegei is right now is one of the best athletes in the world, not only from the global fund. The day before the test we traveled the circuit with him meter by meter and he was very sure that he would achieve it and that only a weather setback could avoid it. Then in the end it was not significant wind and that gave him even more wings. Cheptegei is an off-road athlete, world champion of cros, on a 10,000-meter track and now holds the road world record. He will debut in March in the middle marathon, at the World Cup in Poland, and I am sure that he will be one of the big names of the route in the coming years. It will mark only the whole decade, surely the next 2,3,4 years. It has been a luxury that someone like that has joined his name to Valencia ”.

‘C’est fini’ at 10k. How does this decision affect you and what was it due to?

“It is a decision that we explain in its day. It is related to the will to continue growing the marathon. Valencia is the smallest city in the world with the largest marathon. That is, there is no city that has a marathon of more than 25,000 people with less than 1 million inhabitants like Valencia. The 10k posed challenges that ‘strangled’ the marathon. Although for many years he had accompanied him, in the end the races that offer a wide range of distances on the same day are many races that somehow obscure the growth of the marathon; many times that support is needed, by sponsors, like ‘hook’. That's how we started doing it, to help grow, but now our marathon no longer needs any complement or support. So the test is more like the ‘majors’. Valencia also needs to be focused on the marathon. The 10k has fulfilled an essential function we dismiss it with sadness, but with the certainty that we have made the right decision ”.

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