News : All the stars who have been ‘exiled’ to Kenya to train against the virus

News : All the stars who have been ‘exiled’ to Kenya to train against the virus

Krause, Lyakhova and Moen, three of the international athletes who are in Kenya

What kenya is the cradle of the best long distance runners in the world the numbers say it. His training system, his lifestyle dedicated exclusively to training and rest. Genetics, we cannot ignore it. For some time now, many Western athletes have opted for concentrations there, taking advantage of the altitude and the conditions.. Some choose to adopt the 100% Kenyan way of life, blend in to live and coexist as they do.

Others simply move to take advantage of those conditions that the African country offers and that we have mentioned. In a recent article, we chatted with the Spanish coach Totti Corbalán, who has lived there for years and helped us unravel the costs and options for holding concentrations in Iten, which is known as ‘Home of the Champions’. That is another reason, how accessible and affordable it is.

Low virus incidence

Well, if it is already a ‘paradise’ in which many western athletes opt to spend more or less short stays, in the midst of the pandemic and with the current restrictions that prevail in European countries, it has even become more of a place of pilgrimage . Many are currently in or around Iten holding rallies, ‘fleeing’ the impositions and strict measures of their countries (sports centers and closed gyms, time slots, practically inaccessible interiors …). Some are common, like Norwegian Sondre Moen, trained by the legendary Renato Canova and who usually spends long periods there. Or the Ukrainian Olga Lyakhova.

What is perhaps not so common is that the German team almost en bloc travel there to train. The world medalist and double European champion Gesa Krause has shared several photos from Iten, one with her partner Denise Krebs. Another top German athlete who is in ‘Home of the Champions’ is the marathoner Amanal petros, which achieved the National Record in the Valencia Marathon with 2:07:18. The Polish Marcin lewandowski, world bronze in Doha in 1,500 and European champion in 800, has also chosen Kenya for this phase of the season.

Another who is also in Kenya (but in his case residing and more than settled) is Julien Wanders. The Swiss, European ‘record holder’ of 10k, 15k, 20k and half marathon, lives with his partner there. In fact, the German Petros has posted a video training with the Wanders group. The fact is that in Kenya (at least the official numbers) the incidence of the virus right now is quite low and there are practically no restrictions other than the curfew (from 10 pm to 4 am).

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