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Amari Cooper at the crossroads: Does the explosion follow?

Munich / Dallas - Amari Cooper of the Dallas Cowboys is one of the top winners of the wide receiver in the NFL, which plays in the coming season for a possible record contract. However, this seems unlikely to affect the former first-round pick, which will be in its final year of contract in 2019.

As a guest at the "Dan Patrick Show" Cooper said that he is currently not paying attention to the contract negotiations of the top receivers to Julio Jones or Michael Thomas, who are apparently out on a new record deal on their position.

For Cooper, however, contract negotiations do not currently play a role: "Not now, I'm just looking forward, I want to earn the respect and definitely move forward this year."

It's hard to give a home run answer in the media. Amari Cooper did that when he was asked to be the highest-paid receiver in the NFL. (via @FirstTake)

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June 24, 2019

2000 yards season as a goal

For next season, the receiver has set a high goal: 2000 Receiving Yards should be. A steep thesis, considering his previous four years in the NFL. In 2016 he played with 1153 Receiving Yards his most successful season.

The 2018 season began sluggish for Cooper. 280 receiving yards and only a meager touchdown came after nine games for the Oakland Raiders to book. Then followed the change of wallpaper and thus the power explosion.

After his trade to Dallas, the 25-year-old could convince directly. In nine games, Cooper pitched 725 receiving yards and six touchdowns. The average 80.6 Receiving Yards per game in the dress of the Cowboys represent at the same time a career best.

The interaction with his quarterback Dak Prescott works since the first minute. Compared to "ESPN," Cooper sang praises of Prescott and his unique abilities: "Most quarterbacks do not have the best bodies or are not likely to care about the weight room because they focus more on the mental component of the game, but this guy takes every single exercise seriously. "

Contract negotiations stall

The sporting value of Cooper for the offense is enormous. If one stood before the trade still with a balance of 3: 4, the receiver catapulted the team back within seven weeks on playoff course (8: 5). The previously toothless offense clicks again under the winning team Prescott-Cooper. And so it should stay as possible in the future.

Cooper will earn $ 13.9 million this season. According to Calvin Watkins of The Athletic, the franchise is said to have offered him a multi-year contract with $ 14-16 million in annual salary weeks ago. The negotiations are currently stalling, however, as the wide receiver is probably aiming for a record deal.

His recent statements on "ESPN" are in keeping with this: "I know that I have the skills to become one of the highest paying receivers, so I'll go out there and prove it."

Can the cowboys finance Cooper?

With defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, the cowboys already tied one of their top stars in the off-season (five years, $ 105 million). But that's not all. Also outside of the Cooper, more contracts are pending.

Quarterback Prescott also enters his contract year, and in 2020 the game starts again with running back Ezekiel Elliott. It begs the question whether the franchise can bind all its stars in the long run. An unfamiliar situation for the cowboys.

Ian Rapoport of the "NFL Network" compares the current situation of the cowboys with the New England Patriots, in which in the past star players repeatedly renounced money in order to increase team success. A similar path is currently being taken by Dallas Director of Player Personnel, Stephen Jones.

On the player side, Jones encounters so far with little favor. Cooper's latest statements at least point in a different direction. Dallas is not New England.

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