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Amat, Higuero and Gerardo Cebrián: I like them

They are the men who broadcast athletics on television and who are already part of us. I see it that way.

This morning I read Gerardo Cebrián on Twitter again. But it's not the same. Reading him is not like listening to him on television in those moments so appreciated in which such wonderful things can happen as that Adrián Ben gets into a final of 800 or that Muhammad achieves the world record of 400 meters hurdles on a Friday afternoon. And then Gerardo's voice almost always appears to say the last word: the one that takes us away from indifference whether we agree or disagree. But this is the price of talking on television.

Beside him is Higuero, who has become an important narrator. I have no doubt that this is a process of years. That in the moments in which nobody sees him the word works with the dedication that previously worked the legs. Who was going to tell us that one day Juan Carlos Higuero would be 41 years old and appear so formal on television. We still remember him with yellow painted hair on the track.

I don't know Amat Carceller, the first or third man in this story. It has the mystery of public men who never appeared on social networks. But in the broadcasting of athletics on television it seems like a burning candle that knows when to appear or when to shut up. Maybe it's a merit or maybe not. But it helps us explain that there is nothing like mastering the times in what one does.

The rest of the work is governed by the passion that this time is like an academic degree. An HR class in which I am convinced that the worst moment that Gerardo Cebrián goes through in retransmissions is at the time of farewell. If it were for him it seems to me that he would still talk about athletics: moving the democracy of social networks back to television, to put the heart to a thousand in the last line, to feel it as one more part of his family and who knows if retelling one day an Olympic gold medal like that of Ruth Beitia.

Beside him, Higuero will wait for his moment. Then, finished everything, he will return to his natural habitat, to give voice to those races in the villages and to give away what he learned from athletics which is like giving common sense.

Amat, however, will disappear from our lives until the next broadcast.

Meanwhile, we will remember all these moments that Doha left us again and that were consolidated in our memory: Coleman, Cheruiyot, Edris, Gardiner…. All that passion that sometimes turned into declared anger as at that time when Amat, Higuero and Cebrián didn't know what to say either. McLeod not only interrupted Orlando in the 110 hurdles final. It also passed as a freight train through our lives.

It seems to me that if I had Gerardo Cebrián by my side that night, I would not have dared to say goodnight. But, better that way, I like those people who feel it so inside and don't hide it. In the end, it's part of us because it costs so much more to forget it.

And, yes, it is true that the magic was put by the athletes. But the words put them three on television again. And if it weren't for words nothing would be the same. We would have no one to compare. We couldn't say ‘this guy is right’ or ‘this guy is an idiot’.

Words are the soundtrack of this whole story: they catch you like fire or make you lose control of your own shoes, it all depends.

And, yes, I personally like these three types in the same way I would say if I didn't like them. But I like that team in which Gerardo Cebrián is the teacher who gives you the exam notes, Higuero the nursing assistant without the one who does not work the same way and Amat Carceller a guy who knew how to find his place.

I guess they will be good because otherwise they wouldn't be there. A part of what we know about athletics we thank them, their guests and those folios that accompany them on the table, which are like a data center and that show that doing well is a possibility.

They also remind us that the need to listen will always accompany us and that someone has to tell this whole story so that the day we get older and these gentlemen yield the witness to others ..., we will remember that athleticism that Amat, Higuero broadcast and Gerardo Cebrián as one remembers with nostalgia the time of Gregorio Parra, José Ángel de la Casa, Carlos Martín ..., because in the end the same thing always happens: everything happens and everything remains. And that will never change.

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