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American Football - process with holes - sports in the region

The Munich Cowboys lose a very tight Bundesliga game with 19:21 against the Stuttgart Scorpions - also because of an extremely rare "one-point-Safetys" of Swabia.

Although football in principle has a simple playing principle, a leather ball has to move forward - but in the design there are a lot of rules and regulations that cover a variety of situations. In the away game in Stuttgart, the Munich Cowboys got to see one of the rarest game situations or to hear from the referees: A one-point safety. Actually, the cowboys had blocked the kick for the extra point after a Stuttgart touchdown. The ball then jumped into the Munich end zone, a cowboys player picked him up and was brought there by the Stuttgart on the ground. There is almost never, but is still a point for the opponent - "the decision was correct," said the Munich head coach Garren Holley. In a close game, the curiosity was doubly annoying, because the Cowboys lost the game with 19:21 against the Scorpions.

"In the crucial moments we have come too short," judged Holley the close result. There were opportunities for a victory, the Cowboys still gave a field goal and were early in the game also some points. "We were three times ahead of the opposing endzone, but we could not capitalize on that, we dug a hole ourselves," Holley said. Instead, the game developed as it did a few times in the season: "We start strong, let down and then come back." In the last quarter, the Cowboys scored 13 points, but the Stuttgart could no longer catch up. The opponent had simply exploited his opportunities to the maximum, said Holley.

The Munich have now exactly half of their playing time behind them. With two wins, one draw and four defeats, the Cowboys are fifth, one place and one point behind the playoff ranks. These are still within reach. Last year, the Munich came with six wins in the knockout round, "this year you have to have more," Holley is sure. The coach is not happy with the statistics, but: "I am satisfied with how we develop." The cowboys have gone into the season without any big challenges, for the coach, the team is currently in a process: "We are a young team that is still learning how to play at a high level."

The cowboys were shot down only at the German champions Schwäbisch Hall, otherwise there were some close matches. The southern group of the German Football League is in the midfield qualitatively very close together, says Holley. You could win against any opponent except Schwäbisch Hall, you've seen that. The Munich have, for example, still two games against the hitherto spotless bottom Ingolstadt outstanding. "We can get the corner, there's no panic right now," says Holley. In the next game the cowboys have to travel again, but only to the inn to Kirchdorf. The first leg in the Dantestadion ended 27:27.

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