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Amtsleiter leaves, blocking remains

Since 2018 the lock Zaaren is dense. The reopening continues to be delayed. Now the head of department is leaving - and yet remains in office.

For more than half a year, the lock Zaaren on the Upper Havel waterway is impassable. The "maintenance work" at the lock announced last autumn was originally planned until the end of April 2019. In March after ammunition finds the appointment was postponed to the summer. In mid-June, the Eberswalde Waterways and Shipping Authority announced that the newly planned opening date would fail as well. as of August 1, 2019, the lock will remain closed.

Well, just a few days later, the head of department goes. "In the course of the WSV reform", it is called today from the Eberswalder office, on 1 July in the waterway and shipping office Eberswalde a head change was accomplished. The new head of the WSA Eberswalde is Michael Scholz, who has been the head of the WSA Berlin since 2008. He succeeds after more than four years, the acting head of department Peter Münch. Reasons for the replacement just days after the sluice-debacle were not known.

Peter Münch, who himself is heavily criticized, remains in office in Eberswalde. He takes a step back and becomes deputy. This was announced at today's handover in the presence of the Vice-President of the Directorate General of Waterways and Shipping. Münch becomes "representative of the new district manager and takes over tasks within the framework of the German-Polish agreement at the Oder and at the new Niederfinow ship lift" - another large construction site with century dimensions.

A lightning strike should be to blame

The reason for the delay at the construction site of the lock Zaaren is force majeure. In the float This statement by the Eberswalder office states: "During the severe storm in recent weeks in parts of Brandenburg, there was a lightning strike in the concrete plant in Templin, which supplies the construction site. The entire control technology was destroyed. "

This interrupted the delivery of concrete mixes for several days, and unfortunately there is no suitable replacement mixing plant in the surrounding area. And that's not all, explains WSA director Peter Münch: "In addition, the concreting had to be interrupted several times as a result of heavy rainfall, and the high air temperatures significantly impair concreting."

The consequences are fatal. According to the ESC, the contractor stated that "as a result of the events and the consequent serious disruption of the construction work ... the date for the release of the traffic on 01.08.2019 can no longer be upheld". This is to be expected with a further postponement of the commissioning date. There is no new date for recommissioning.

Revier remains cut off

Every year, around 10,000 pleasure boats pass this lock at the main connection between Berlin, the Brandenburg and the Mecklenburg Lake District. What continues to work is the connection for muscle-powered water sports. The transfer of canoes is possible on a signposted way around the lock.

As early as March 2019, therefore, protested. "It is as if one separates a main artery through," said the Potsdam IHK boss Peter Heydenbluth the RBB. This is confirmed by charter providers in the region. Even at the Federal Water Sports Association is alarmed. Across from float Managing Director Jürgen Tracht explained: "The maritime infrastructure is ailing. It will continue to wear and will not be repaired until the infrastructure fails. "

This article was written by Stefan Gerhard

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