News : An expected and exciting return to 'running' in images

News :

An expected and exciting return to 'running' in images

Mallén (Zaragoza) woke up like this first thing in the morning

Many, most, have already experienced what it is to run again. It was almost like the first time. I do not lie. It has been better. Better because you already knew the incredible sensation of going out and burning kilometers through spaces that do not stimulate and precisely for that reason you had much more 'morriña' and wanted the 'bars' to open and we could return to the asphalt, the mountain, the roads . It was different, we almost felt like sinners desecrating holy land, but we have. AND that turn has left us curious images, some embarrassing for the lack of respect of some, but above all photographs of happiness, good vibes, of the streets and beautiful roads.

Happiness and good vibes

The good vibes have spread throughout towns and cities, the 'runners' of a lifetime and many who have never tried it have been mixed in a curious symbiosis. Hopefully all this will serve to make everyone aware of the need to practice sport and that helps to avoid much more hospital admissions and certain illnesses caused by bad lifestyle habits. In any case, it is essential to accept advice from professionals so that this introduction to sport is healthy and appropriate to our characteristics.

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