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News :

analysis, characteristics, opinion and purchase.

garmin edge 830

The wait is over. Garmin has just presented the new Edge 830. The GPS device for cycling that arrives to replace the Edge 820. The product has just been presented by Garmin together with the new Edge 530 and is expected to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor by being able to set trends and lead sales in the coming years.

A highly anticipated product renewal that arrives keeping in general lines the basic aspects but also with novel and interesting functions.

To the point!

First impressions Garmin Edge 830:

At first sight it is undeniable that the Edge 830 presents all the similarities of the world with the 530. At the level of housing and structure the two devices are practically identical with the only ones Notable differences in size and touch screen system (Later I will perform the direct comparison between the Edge 530 and the Edge 830).

As I said Garmin has chosen to give continuity to a GPS cyclocomputer format that works very well. For this reason he has retained for the Edge 830 the size of the Edge 820 simply by giving a Finest round and fine. The new device also presents a touch screen which allows the user to perform all the configuration and control the activity with only 3 buttons.

In terms of weight, the Edge 830 also pleasantly surprises me because the 67 grams of its technical sheet are practically half of those that weigh the Garmin Edge 1030. In a world like the one where every gram counts, I would have been very surprised if Garmin had not been able to improve this aspect.

The sale to the market of the new gadget of the American brand should be interpreted to my understanding as a product renewal focused on the same cyclist profile. Both 530 and 830 are aimed at cyclists who have been linked to this sport for some time and are looking for an intelligent computer to monitor all their activities and all their data. For those newly initiated the Edge 130 that we present a few months ago may be a better option in terms of price quality while those users who are looking for a device with long autonomy and with the best features to navigate their choice should be the 1030. The Edge 830 is more a perfect all-rounder for cyclists looking for a functional, versatile product with maps and a touch screen. A concept of GPS that has been operating for years and seducing a large number of cyclists and therefore already part with some advantage over other direct competitors.

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The Edge 830 maintains its touch screen

Features and data sheet Edge 830:

Next we go with the analysis of the main technical characteristics of the Edge 830. A device that as I said has great similarities with the 530. To see the complete data sheet and other specifications I leave the direct link to the manufacturer's website.

Dimensions of the device: 1.9 "x 2.9" x 0.8 "(49 x 73 x 21 mm)

Dimension of the screen: 2.3 "(58.4mm)

Screen resolution: 200 x 265 pixels

Weight: 67.7 grams

Battery (autonomy): rechargeable - 20 hours

Screen: color and tactile

Activity history: more than 200 hours

Sensors: ANT + and bluetooth

Daily intelligent functions: VIRB remote control and smart notifications.

Waterproof: If IPX7

Personal records: Yes

Alerts: Yes

Synchronization with other devices: ANT + and bluetooth. sensors of power, heart rate, speed and cadence.

Navigation: creation of popular routes and routes

Maps: Garmin Cycle Map

ClimbPro: Yes

Extended screen: Yes

Popular routes: Yes

Livetrack: Yes

Grouptrack: Yes

Garmin Connect IQ: Yes

News Garmin Edge 830

Cyclists and fans of sports technology have been waiting for this release for some time. Both the long wait and the fact that Garmin has always shown an attitude of constant improvement the product had to arrive if or if with some news that justify its renewal.

One of the novelties that I consider most important, despite its lack of aesthetic visibility, is the processor improvement. Now the device is much more powerful and the routes and activities are loaded much faster. Loading tracks with the 520 and the 820 was a real torture since it was noticeable that the processor lacked power. In addition, the Garmin Edge 830 allows navigation to points of interest (gas stations, stations, etc.). Something that is not possible with the 530.

Another notable improvement and of which the MTB fans should be especially happy are the functions of hiking trails Trailforks that informs the cyclist of the state of the trails in more than 80 countries and offers a detailed metric of the distance, duration of the jumps and the fluidity and smoothness of the descents to be able to beat a certain mark.

As in the 530 Garmin, he also decided to introduce the 830 ClimbPro function that allows you to take dynamic control of the climbs. This control informs you of the distance that remains to reach the top as well as the partial requirement of the route so that you can go managing your energies.

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Garmin has fixed the synchronization problems that affected several users (especially Iphone)

Another important quality jump comes in battery life. Now the Garmin edge 830 can last up to 20 hours which is a not inconsiderable increase of 33% compared to the edge 820. This improvement is noted especially in amateur cyclists who compete or participate in cyclotourist marches with brand objectives as they can now enjoy a full week of cargo (15- 20 hours) without having to worry about the battery level.

Another cyclist sector that can be happy is that of electric bicycles. The gadget can be linked with Shimano Steps to bring an on-screen control of the battery level, assisted pedaling or the selected gear. Now you have no excuse to stay lying for lack of battery with the electric bicycle.

Finally, the latest improvements come from the control of intelligent training. The automatic functions of control of recovery will be much more precise since in the algorithm of calculation other outstanding factors like the temperature, the height or the humidity are added. The approach and the calculation will be much more real and precise. In this line I return to manifest my theory that in a few years the cyclocomputer will also be our personal trainer

Create routes and routes through Strava

Another great innovation that the Edge 830 brings to the navigation section is the possibility of creating routes and segments directly through Strava.

With blueooth or wifi pairing between the Edge 830 and our smarphone we can directly import routes from Strava. The well-known sports platform stores all our routes (made or created) and Garmin now offers us the possibility of following the navigation of all of them.

To do this you only need to connect the device to Garmin Connect (via smartphone or pc) and once we have linked the two accounts (Connect and Strava) the same device will offer us the possibility to choose between the different saved routes.

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Now Garmin allows you to import routes directly from Strava

All this supposes a great jump to level of functionality and ease of use. No more cables, wikiloc tracks and all the moves of .tcx or .gpx files. Now the navigation is much faster and more effective.

Opinion Garmin Edge 830

I do not discover anything new if I say that the Edge 830 is called to lead the sales at least in the next two courses. Garmin probably has the same intention and therefore has invested the necessary and timely time in manufacturing a high-end GPS computer. The product has been waiting but the truth is that the improvements especially in the processor and in the intelligent training control systems compensate and spare the months of intrigue.

The 830 is tremendously versatile so its potential audience is much wider than that of an edge 1030 or that of an edge 130. We are facing a choice of perfect purchase for those who want a GPS with maps and touch screen. Reliability is more than assured while the large number of functions it incorporates perfectly justify its relatively high price compared to other GPS in the market. Personally I have to say that the qualitative leap with respect to its predecessor, the Edge 820, is more than notorious. It shows a significant improvement in both the speed at the time of processing the information and in everything related to management and functionality. Garmin offers once again a highly intuitive and easy to handle device for any type of cyclist, regardless of whether or not he is accustomed to new technologies.

It is a cyclocomputer that in terms of price quality it has a few products that equal it, so if your interest is to enjoy a dynamic and interactive gadget I have to recommend your purchase without a doubt.

Time will mark the evolution of the device and it is too early to draw conclusions in terms of durability and effectiveness but at the moment Garmin has not given any reason to distrust its products. In addition, the whole concept of intelligent training and automatic controls continues to grow and move towards an increasingly precise realism. I can assure you in the first person that the control of recovery is quite real and that the necessary hours of rest that indicates the device are quite reliable. For this, it will be essential to have the edge well calibrated, with all the personal information at the weight and height level as well as the different training zones (both pulse and power).

Garmin Edge 530 vs 830 comparative

Analyzing the comparison between the Garmin Edge 530 and 830 I have to say that it is two very very similar devices. Two cyclocomputers with similar features that are intended to focus on a similar audience. Both devices share virtually all the functions, with some small nuances, so that the big difference is found in the system of the screen and in the navigation section.

The Edge 830 is tactile while the 530 continues to work with the traditional 7 buttons. For me this is neither a defect nor a virtue. I will explain. Some cyclists prefer to enjoy a touch screen while others prefer the buttons of a lifetime. In my opinion, the touch screen still has a lot of room for improvement, since with the drops of sweat or rain some problems are still presented by involuntary pulsations.

If before deciding on one or another device you want to see a more extensive comparison between both devices. I recommend you go through our "Edge 530 vs. Edge 830 Difference Comparison".

In As regards navigation, the 830 is presented as a better alternative. The device allows, unlike the 530, calculate exact routes per location point (diagonal avenue for example) so you can plot and visualize routes directly from the screen of the Garmin something that undoubtedly translates into great comfort and Easy to use.

Garmin edge 830 vs 530 "width =" 640 "height =" 401 "srcset =" -830.jpg 640w, 320w "sizes =" (max -width: 640px) 100vw, 640px
Edge 830 on the right, and 530 on the left. Two practically identical devices

In my opinion and in the absence of being able to judge the two devices with greater empirical certainty, I have to say that the 530 is presented as a better option. In my opinion, the 100 euros of difference that exist between both devices are a tad excessive taking into account the little difference in benefits between the two. By this I do not mean that the Edge 830 is a bad cyclocomputer, at all. I just think (for now) that the 530 is an option with a better value for money. In fact it is enough to remember the launch of the 520 and the 820. Two devices that had quite different prices at the start but with the current discounts have ended up matching a lot.

Price and purchase Garmin Edge 830

Garmin has just formalized the output of the product but we still do not know exactly when it will be available to users, although the launch has already been confirmed for this second quarter of 2019 will be in the coming weeks when we can expand the information.

The price of the Edge 830 varies depending on the chosen pack. The device has a price of 399.99 euros, while the special version for MTB (device, special support for MTB, speed sensor, remote control and protective case) is priced at 469.99 euros. The highest price comes with the classic full pack that includes the heart rate, speed and decay sensors. In the latter case, the The price of the Garmin Edge 830 will be 499.99 euros.

Through the following link you can get the full pack of the Garmin Edge 830. The pack includes in addition to the device, heart rate sensors, speed and cadence.

If you prefer, Garmin also offers the possibility to buy only the device.

All those who are hesitant in their purchase or want more information can send us their concerns through the comments. As always we will try to give you the best possible answer.

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