News : And finally, 100 days later, the great Joaquín Carmona returned

News :

And finally, 100 days later, the great Joaquín Carmona returned

Joaquín Carmona's most awaited tweet

He Most awaited tweet in the world of athletics has arrived today, Wednesday June 24, 2020. After our collaborator Alfredo Varona uncovered the story of Joaquín Carmona, one of the greatest specialists in athletics in Spain, he has finally published a message on his account, which he had not registered movement since March 15. It's been 100 days, one world.

Time to suffer and get excited

In this time we have had time to wonder about him, fear the worst, discover an incredible story that we could never have imagined, check the solidarity and the heart of the magnificent athletics family and, now, smile. It has made us smile to see how Jokin has returned. First, with a video of Noah Lyles taking a spectacular leap before facing the 100-meter test (it has almost 200,000 visits); the second, a memory of the brand that the ill-fated and great Yago Lamela achieved just 21 years ago in Turin. The third best in history, the best since then (no one has been able to beat him).

Jokin has returned to continue enlightening us with his wisdom and entertaining us with their videos and contributions that help us better understand the sport we are passionate about. We love that you are back and full of energy!

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