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It must also be time for a person to be left alone. A way to go, without at every fork several signposts give the direction. To try something without being judged immediately. And yes, this too: make mistakes that are not immediately condemned. It is of course problematic when life takes place as publicly as with professional athletes and when there are quite a few people who earn their money by positioning road signs along the way and audibly criticizing alleged mistakes for all the world. If it does not work for someone, then that's the proof for the know-it-alls that they actually knew better and therefore know better for the future.

Angelique Kerber last played in North America without a coach. "I deliberately decided to make this trip alone," she said after her defeat in the opening round of the US Open against French Kristina Mladenovic. Since her departure from coach Rainer Schüttler in July, she has not won a game and has been eliminated in the first round of the tournaments in Toronto, Cincinnati and now New York.

Anyone who thinks well with it and knows better, now claims that this decision was a mistake. "I can not quite understand that she started without a coach," said Boris Becker, professional tennis signpost at the television station Eurosport: "If the penny has not fallen now, then when?" The judgment of coach Barbara Rittner was even more drastic: "She would not have lost the match with Coach, she is not someone who should be alone for a long time." Even before the match, Rittner had said: "She is a person who despite the success always doubts, questions, feels uncomfortable and almost a bit depressive or sad alone."

Tennis The next bitter Grand Slam disappointment

The next bitter Grand Slam disappointment

Also in the US Open is for Angelique Kerber in the first round final. Her opponent gives a sentence even without resistance.By Jürgen Schmieder, New York

Kerber reacts calmly

These are harsh judgments, quite personal attacks, to which Kerber responded calmly: "I do not let anyone put pressure on me." That I've lost is certainly not because I do not have a coach, but that I'm currently playing matches and, with that, self-confidence I will not make an emotional decision but will take my time. " It could well be that they end the tennis year alone and the new coach will be presented until the new season: "I really have no idea in which direction that will go."

The result against Mladenovic (5: 7, 6: 0, 4: 6) sounded like a typical Kerber game, of which she has experienced so many in her career. Also this season, a third of their matches went over the full set distance. "This ups and downs is part of my career, I have to live with that," she said. "These extremes have also resulted in me winning three Grand Slam tournaments."

However, it was, strictly speaking, not a typical Kerber game, rather similar to the game of defeat at the 2015 US Open against Viktoria Asarenka: a tactically exciting and technically high-class comparison, the best of the entire women's tournament then, after the Kerber a now famous text message wrote to Rittner: "That should not work with me!" Five months later she won her first Grand Slam tournament in Australia, the worst possible failure ultimately led to the greatest possible success.

The match on Monday was also a tactical treat, as Mladenovic acted variably and patiently. She chose with the backhand usually the safe and slower variants Topspin moon ball or slice on Kerber's backhand. On pressure with the forehand she sometimes made a soulful stop. This annoys Kerber, the best counter-player in the world, who, like a karate fighter, needs the speed and momentum of her opponents to be able to play the balls even faster and more precisely over the net.

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