News : Another ‘flight’ of talent in Russia: Kulichenko will compete … for Cyprus!

News : Another ‘flight’ of talent in Russia: Kulichenko will compete … for Cyprus!

Kulichenko was sub’20 national runner-up a few days ago / Instagram

The sanction that Russia has been dragging for a long time, by which its athletes cannot compete under the banner and colors of the country in which they were born (In fact, in the European of Torun for example they could not even do it directly, not even as neutrals), it continues to cause a ‘stampede effect’ harmful to the interests of a Federation that is paying dearly for its flirtations with doping.

If the young star Matvey Volkov (son of the mythical Konstantin Volkov, Olympic pole vault runner-up) decided a few months ago to become a Belarusian national to be able to compete freely (The president of the Belarusian federation opened his arms to welcome Russian athletes affected by the sanctions), the last to star in one of these ‘brain drain’ has been the high jumper Elena Kulichenko.

Will study and train in the USA

The 18-year-old will study and train in the United States and will compete under the auspices of the Cyprus Federation. It will have to do in principle two years of ‘quarantine’. She was recently proclaimed runner-up in Russia’s sub’20 and her personal best is 1.84 meters. Born in 2002, is another one of these young fledgling russian talents. Undoubtedly, the Federation runs the serious risk of losing an entire batch, a generation that wants to compete without having to be aware of new script twists almost every day.

A few days ago the World Ahtletics ruled that there will be a maximum of 10 athletes who will be in the Tokyo Games and that they will compete under a neutral flag, as has already happened in other world athletics competitions. In this way, many will have to be left out.

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