News : Anthoine Hubert crashes at Formula 2 race in Spa: Motorsport world shocked! Schumacher mourns death-crash

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Anthoine Hubert crashes at Formula 2 race in Spa: Motorsport world shocked! Schumacher mourns death-crash

After the terrible accident death of French motorsport talent Anthoine Hubert was in the paddock of Spa-Francorchamps nothing more than before. There is usually a boisterous mood around the teams' quarters on Saturday night, but now there were only horrified faces to see. Silence triggered humorous discussions, the powerlessness was felt by everyone. The horror crash of the 22-year-old has shocked the entire PS scene and made it clear to everyone how dangerous the sport is.

Anthoine Hubert dies in Spa - Lewis Hamilton mourns on Instagram

"All these riders risk their lives as soon as they hit the track, which must be recognized with more seriousness, because that's not going to happen," Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton wrote in an emotional post on Instagram, and found strong words for the crashed Hubert: "Anthoine is a hero for me, because he took this risk to realize his dreams."

Hamilton will climb on Sunday as usual in his Mercedes, the Grand Prix Formula 1 will take place as usual from 15.10 clock, Of course, Sebastian Vettel and Co. will also pass the scene of the accident. Nearly all pilots of the highest racing series expressed their sympathy to Hubert's family on Saturday.

Anthoine Hubert dead after horror crash at Spa Juan Juan Correa at the hospital

Only a few hours earlier, the drama had happened. At 17.07 clock Hubert lost control of his vehicle for no apparent cause and crashed after the Eau Rouge curve in the limit. His car was thrown back on the track and hit with full force from the car of the American Juan Manuel Correa. As the 20-year-old Correa toppled over and his vehicle fell headlong on the track, Hubert's car crashed into several pieces. A detailed investigation of the incident is to follow.

The main race of the most important junior series was first interrupted and shortly thereafter. The Motorsport World Federation FIA explained that Hubert succumbed to his injuries at 18.35 clock. He died in the medical center on the racetrack and could not even get in one hospital to be brought. Juan Manuel Correa has suffered serious injuries. As reported on the website of the 20-year-old on Sunday, Correa suffered fractures on both legs as well as a minor spinal injury. He was operated on Saturday in a hospital in Liege, Belgium, and is currently in intensive care. His condition was stable, it said. Correa was powerless in the crash and had no chance to adequately respond to the situation.

Charles Leclerc and Esteban Ocon bid farewell toAnthoine Hubert

Born in Lyon, Hubert was regarded as the great bearer of hope for French motorsport after the Formula 1 experienced drivers Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon. Last year, Hubert crowned himself champion in the GP3 and was already part of the junior program of the Formula 1 team Renault. Making it into the premier class was his big dream - and quite realistic. Before his last race, he was the best-placed newcomer in Formula 2. The talent could already win the sprint races in Monaco and France, was as a rookie on the strong eighth place in the standings.

"I can not believe it, we were the same age, we started together with the race and fought each other for years on the track," compatriot Ocon tweeted and posted a picture together. This was also done by Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, the Formula 1 team-mate of Sebastian Vettel. "I can not believe it, peace and quiet," Monegasse posted on Instagram.

Mick Schumacher mourns her deceased competitorAnthoine Hubert on Instagram

Mick Schumacher was not involved in the accident and could not see the scene from his cockpit. The 20-year-old son of Michael Schumacher passed the spot seconds before the disaster and remained unscathed. The fate is brutal, the loss is endless Anthoine, we already miss you, peace and quiet ", 20-year-old Schumacher wrote on Saturday evening for a photo of Hubert on Instagram. In the cockpit he does not have to climb on Sunday just like his colleagues, the leadership of the racing series decided to cancel the planned Formula 2 sprint race.

Heavy accidents are more common in motorsport, but the death of Hubert at Spa-Francorchamps was the worst race accident in an FIA event since the Formula One race in Japan in the fall of 2014. In Suzuka, Frenchman Jules Bianchi suffered severe head injuries and died after a long time in a coma in the summer of the following year in Nice.

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