News : Anti-doping raids in 33 countries: Europol arrests more than 200 people

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Anti-doping raids in 33 countries: Europol arrests more than 200 people

The "Operation Viribus" was led by the Italian and Greek police. Participants included Switzerland, the USA, Albania and Colombia.

Seventeen organized crime groups have been robbed, according to Wada doping authorities. Almost 24 tons of steroid powder were found in nine European secret laboratories. In addition, doping samples were collected in some of the countries participating in Viribus: more than 1,300 in total. Almost 1,000 people were reported for producing, trading or using doping products.

The way to Anablika - online and offline

According to Europol, the trade in anabolic steroids has experienced a strong increase worldwide over the last 20 years. As a rule, he is decentralized and flexibly organized. If you want, you can order the doping products online. In addition, Europol noted an "increased use of social networks for the promotion and sale of anabolic steroids". Counterfeit medicines are increasingly being sold on the Dark Web - paid for with rechargeable credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

But even those who do not order anabolic steroids on the Internet, obviously just comes to the doping preparations. According to Interpol, they can be bought locally from some approved manufacturers. In addition, wholesalers are bringing significant amounts of steroid into the illicit market. According to Interpol, the funds reach the fitness studios through amateur athletes, who buy them in small quantities and then resell them.

Interpol: Farmers are also customers

Athletes, in particular, resort to anabolic steroids to improve performance, but ignore the health hazards of the agents, such as liver and kidney damage, or increased susceptibility to heart attacks and cancers.

But also farmers are according to Interpol on the customer list of doping dealers. Some would give their animals hormones to fatten them faster, to improve their reproductive ability or - like human athletes - to increase their athletic performance for the competition.

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