News : Ashley Cain: Cancer Shock! Professional soccer player mourns the dead baby daughter

News : Ashley Cain: Cancer Shock! Professional soccer player mourns the dead baby daughter

Professional soccer player Ashley Cain mourns his dead daughter.
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Her parents still had hope until the end. Yet Azaylia Cain has the fight against that cancer lost. The baby of ex-professional soccer players Ashley Cain and Safiyya Vorajee was just eight months old. The parents say goodbye to their daughter on Instagram.

Cancer drama about professional soccer players! Ashley Cain mourns dead daughter (8 months)

“Rest in Paradise, Princess”, Ashley Cain begins his emotional contribution. “I will carry you in my heart forever until I can hold you in heaven again.” The 30-year-old shares a heartbreaking photo of him holding his daughter in his arms and tears in his eyes. The mother of little Azaylia also remembers her beloved child on the social picture and video platform: “You are my angel. My heartbeat. My soul! Rest in peace, my precious baby, you will always be with me.”

Aggressive leukemia! Azaylia’s parents did not give up hope until the end

There is great sympathy for the death of Azaylia Cain. In countless comments, followers from Ashley Cain express their condolences and sympathy. For months they watched the little girl’s battle with cancer. But Azaylia’s chances of survival were not very good. The girl was born in August 2020. But just two months later, doctors made the terrible diagnosis: the child is suffering from a particularly aggressive form of leukemia. The doctors did not give the parents high hopes. But Ashley Cain and Safiyya Vorajee did not give up and fought for their daughter’s life until the end.

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