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ASICS has just launched the new Evoride ™ model, which turns out to be the lightest and most economical of the entire Ride range that incorporates Guidesole ™ technology for running energy savings. It is a shoe of only 255 grams and that starts with a recommended price of € 130. In addition, to its Sisters Metaride ™ (the most technological of all) and Glideride ™, which we also analyzed a few months ago.

The main feature of the Ride family is the energy saving when running thanks to ASICS exclusive Guidesole ™ technology. This consists, roughly, in the use of a sole with a curved geometry that works on the limitation of the movement of the ankle joint, achieving energy savings in that area.

Evoride ™ is designed for runners and runners of neutral tread and causes a sense of running inertia to run with less effort. It is true that it has somewhat less curvature than its predecessors Metaride ™ and Glideride ™, but that makes it more accessible to a wider range of runners who want to experiment with Guidesole ™ energy-saving technology.

The midsole is built in one piece for better contact with the ground and smooth the transition of the tread, from landing to takeoff, which in turn improves support and stability. Below, in contact with the ground, the Super AHAR ™ rubber in the heel area guarantees high durability.

Despite having a lighter design than its predecessors, the comfort of use is not reduced. Partly thanks to the use of Flytefoam ™ Propel in the midsole, which gives a great cushioning, as well as a soft feeling and a great touch under the feet. Above, the mesh is elastic, with great breathability and an optimal fit thanks to the multidirectionality of the fabric.

ASICS Evoride ™ main technologies:

  • - GUIDESOLE ™ TECHNOLOGY: the curved construction of the midsole helps minimize movement in the area where most of the energy is spent; the ankle joint.
  • - FLYTEFOAM ™ PROPEL TECHNOLOGY: Lightweight midsole foam is soft and extremely comfortable, with high durability.
  • - ENGINEERED MESH UPPER: The cut or upper is made with a multidirectional elastic mesh and with strategic perforations for air circulation, which guarantees an optimal fit and a high level of perspiration.
  • - ROLLING MOTION LAST: The last of the shoe is specially designed to give an almost inertial sensation from landing to takeoff.
  • - FULL CONTACT OUTSOLE: Design of the set, sole and midsole, for total contact with the ground, smoothing the transition and offering excellent support and stability.
  • - LIGHT AHAR ™ SPONGE RUBBER: the rubber sole reduces weight, improves comfort in the forefoot, as well as grip and traction on asphalt.
  • - SUPER AHAR ™ HEEL-PLUG: Highly abrasion resistant rubber is placed in areas of high wear to extend the life of the shoe.

The Executive Director and Senior Manager at the ASICS Sports Science Institute, Kenichi Harano, explained about Evoride ™: “After the success of METARIDE ™ and GLIDERIDE ™, we wanted to offer the same combination of energy efficiency, cushioning and durability to more runners. As the lightest and most economical member of our energy-saving family, EVORIDE ™ is the perfect companion for fast training and long distances, helping runners like never before to overcome their own speed and endurance limits"

ASICS Evoride ™ is now available in online stores and specialized outlets worldwide. We already have it and soon we will be able to offer a detailed analysis of its main characteristics.

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