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ASICS Evoride | Featured Features and Opinions

ASICS evoride reviews

Full analysis of ASICS Evoride, a shoe capable of combining energy savings when running with print speed on the run. Why save energy when running? Because it belongs to a specific group of shoes created by the Japanese brand where everything from design to materials enhances performance and comfort, but with less wear than with a conventional shoe.

The way ASICS concretes this is based primarily on Guidesole ™ technology. Anyone who looks at the shoe with attention can appreciate a greater curvature than usual from the metatarsals to the toe. Not only that, but it already clearly indicates where the shots go, which we explain in the midsole section.

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The group is completed by two other models. The first one, and the one that accumulates more technologies (and more expensive, also, with a value of € 250) is ASICS Metaride (not to be confused with ASICS Metarun). It was the first ASICS model to present this concept of energy savings, as we explained in the detailed analysis we developed in its day. The second model, not so radical, is ASICS Glideride. More docile to dress than that one (Metaride serves only for running, since it costs to dress it without being in motion), and cheaper (around € 160).

ASICS Evoride makes a difference with its “sisters” especially in the price being the most affordable (worth € 130, Glideride € 160 and Metaride € 250), and in lightness (weighs 250gr in the finish of man, while Glideride 280gr and Metaride 306gr. The finish of woman weighs only 210gr). Also in the profile since those are more daily training shoes, while Evoride, in addition you can tighten the nuts in competition, is much more versatile and can reach many more runners and runners.

The ideal of running favoring inertia to cause energy savings is present, then, but we go with all the details.

ASICS Evoride technical analysis


The ASICS Evoride midsole is the most important part. In all the shoes it is, in agreement, but the configuration of this model (and of all the riders of ASICS, that is to say, those of saving of energy) can say that more.

First of all, it must be said that it is a shoe for neutral tread. That said, Guidesole ™ technology highlights a very curved design to minimize movement and save energy by limiting unnecessary ankle movement.

The other contracting party, the material, is a Flytefoam ™ Propel, a light, reactive and highly durable foam.

The midsole is compact. Very different from the lines and open spaces of Metaride. Spaces that allowed to see through them and helped to understand the complexity of the design. Here the main part, as I said before is the great curvature that goes from the last point of support on the ground, the area of ​​the goals and the toe. This form it favors that the forward inclination participates in providing a certain inertia to the stride.

To further assist in comfort of use, a non-visible GEL ™ capsule is located in the posterior area, under the ankle.

The drop is surprisingly low, for what ASICS usually produces: 5mm, although they are reached with different heights depending on whether the shoe is for men or women. In their case, the midsole lifts it 22mm in the heel area and 17mm in that of the metatarsals. In the case of them, it rises 21mm and 16mm respectively.


The sole of ASICS Evoride is very easy to understand because the Japanese brand has designed it to be very functional, with very well defined studs. There is a very broad base in contact with the ground, which, in addition to going well for traction, will also help balance.

There are up to three different types of materials working on the sole. The entire part under the metatarsals and the toe uses the Light AHAR ™ Sponge Rubber compound, a lightweight rubber that helps soften the impact and provides good adhesion.

In the heel area we find the most durable of all: SuperAHAR ™ Heel Plug, which is another rubber but much more resistant, so it is placed in this place that is so worn on the running shoes. Finally, Full COntact Outsole refers to the material of the midsole that comes here, in direct contact with the ground.

That the sole has a light material helps to understand that this is a somewhat more nervous shoe than its sisters Metaride and Glideride.


The upper of ASICS Evoride shows fine and very well finished lines. In appearance it seems that the mesh is all the same wrapping the shoe, but in fact the details change according to the need (breathability, support, lightness ...).

The mesh is of the Jacquard type being this multidirectional elastic, All of it is furrowed by more open holes in strategic areas for ventilation, but instead, other areas do not have these perforations because what is sought is more the support.

The ASICS logo, the famous “zarpazo”, this time is not painted but on the outside they are more or less thick strips of TPU that will help to hold the foot better. On the inside they are nothing more than heat-sealed strips.

The last goes with the set and is designed to achieve the feeling of inertia towards the end of the transition. But if there is something that attracts attention, it is the incredible interior finish, with an excellent fineness at the time of the auctions (and taking into account that it is a part that is rarely visible). The template, by the way, adds 5mm of soft foam, to also help in comfort.

Well, the inner lining is very soft to the contact with the hands. If you walk by palpating with your fingers to the toe you see how this finish is like that until the last corner (sometimes there are marks that this not visible area does not finish off well). The bowl here is very padded, especially under the malleoli and the Achilles heel, with a dense but very soft foam.

The tongue is also thick and folded and since it is only sunk to the body of the shoe by the base, it incorporates a strap to fix it with the laces. By the way, the laces are flat and are passed by six of seven eyelets.

Test / sensations

I was expecting how I would fit my foot in this ASICS Evoride. He intuited that better than in Metaride and Glideride, since it appears to be more "normal" and therefore more open to different audiences.

The lace noticed it well, but something more tight when closing the loop. I think about whether those with bulky feet will notice some tightness in the midfoot. Hurry that has to give way with use.

The lightness is noticed immediately and positively surprises this aspect at the time of running.

I have not pressed much in terms of speed, due to previous injury, but the experience of use is that it is very friendly. Easy wheels, well cushioned and you notice how that front vacuum gives rise to the effect of dropping you.

Using them have nothing to do with Metaride, since with these Evoride you can manage in situations that are not running, with better predisposition (with Metaride, standing or walking became weird, for example).


ASICS Evoride is a shoe of energy saving silo of ASICS. Designed for neutral tread, its low weight and configuration make it ideal if you want to take a road race, regardless of mileage. By the way, the weight is 250gr in the male finish and 210gr in the female.

Although it is not a model to "fly", yes you can squeeze more than another type of training shoe, heavier, usually. This makes it a very versatile shoe, although I would not recommend it as a single shoe for everything.

The midsole is constructed in one piece with Flytefoam ™ Propel foam, which provides lightweight, reactive and highly durable cushioning. . This helps to have a better feeling of the terrain and smooth the transition of the tread.

Underneath, up to three different compounds are used in the sole (the third one is actually the material of the midsole, which reaches here. The other two are Light AHAR ™ Sponge Rubber, softer, for traction from the metatarsals and SuperAHAR ™ Heel Plug, for the heel area, where many shoes are often worn.

Another outstanding aspect is the upper cut, with a very fine and elegant design, which is hugged on the foot tightly (perhaps too much for those who have very bulky feet).


The price ASICS Evoride official is € 130.

ASICS Chaussures Evoride


  • Quality / Price: 8.5
  • Design / materials / durability: 8.5
  • Damping: 8.5
  • Grip: 8.5
  • Stability: 8.5
  • Lightness: 9


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