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ASICS Gel Kayano 26 | Features, Offers and Highlights

We have the analysis of ASICS Gel Kayano 26, which happens to be one of the best training shoes with control of the stability of the running world. This statement, who have been in this for years know that is founded since, since 1993, are 26 years of success in sales thanks, above all, to its quality and reliability.

If in previous deliveries of Kayano, with the emergence of ASICS Metarun, we warned that the dwarves came out to him in his own house, to this edition 26 we must add the merit of surviving another House of Technology that we have known this same 2019 in the brand Japan: Metaride.

Thus, Kayano resists without ruffling the passage of time as it remains one of the highest totems that has given ISS (Institute of Sports and Science) where the veteran Japanese brand cooks the great dishes that serve us.

ASICS is still committed to a model of this profile and does so with the conviction after analyzing the footprint of 90,000 brokers and brokers in the last five years and verify what was already known for years: Nearly half of those who run (43% of those analyzed, according to ASICS), and regardless of the athletic level they have, they overestimate during the tread.

Well that ... What a long life to "Kayano". In this new version highlights the improvement in the design of the midsole to improve comfort, while Metaclutch in the ankle has also been retouched to improve the grip in this area of ​​the foot.

We go with the details of a shoe that weighs 325gr in the finish of man (it is reduced in 11gr with respect to the previous version) and 278gr in that of women (here it remains the same).

Characteristics ASICS Gel-Kayano 26


One of the novelties in the ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 midsole is aa subtle modification of the design with which the Japanese seek to improve the bending of the shoe during the transition of the tread. In this way the Kobe seek to further improve the high comfort that has made this shoe famous.

The other notable change is in the butt heel counter. At first glance there does not seem to be much modification, but if you look closely you see a new strip that crosses right where on the 25 there was nothing. ASICS searched here better ankle support, especially when it hits the ground when it hits it, when running.

The main material used in the midsole, there are actually two: Flytefoam ™ Lyte and Flytefoam ™ Propel. The original Flytefoam ™ made its appearance with the House of Technoloy, which is ASICS Metarun. It consists of a compound that incorporates organic fibers obtained from sugar cane and that help the material to recover before each step and that it does so quickly. It is 55% lighter than a standard EVA. Here is "Lyte", improving lightness even more. The second, Flytefoam ™ Propel, also used in another monster such as ASICS Metaride, is a mild variant, but much more reactive. In fact, Kayano 25 itself already incorporated Flytefoam ™ Propel for the first time.

And the GEL®. How not! In the Top models we find it in the front and rear area. As it can not be otherwise, this is fulfilled in this ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 and, although the Gel® capsule in front is not visible, the one in the back itself, and in its usual location: the external part of the heel, which is where most runners and runners hit the ground.

ASICS continues to rely on Dynamic Duomax ™ (a higher density material) as the main element for fight against excessive pronation in the tread. It is the most visible difference with respect to its equivalent for NICUS Gel Nicks footstep.

And it is not the only element that stabilizes the footprint since the Guidance Trusstic system, visible from the sole, takes care of stabilize, but from the point of view of the rotation of the ankle, between the phase of impact and transition of the tread.

The surprise for those who do not know ASICS, of course, is in the drop (which is the difference in height between the heel and the front of the foot), since it isiferente according to whether it is for men or women. So the drop of them is 10mm while the drop of them is 13mm.


The sole of ASICS Gel-Kayano 26, in essence, does not differ much from Kayano 25. The plates of the heel are similar, the Trusstic piece has a little less material, but occupying the same area and under the metatarsals, if we observe that Guidance Line, or the line that runs lengthwise the tread is somewhat shorter, but in turn now open a little more to the sides.

The three lines of flexion remain, although those of now a little more free, in line with the search for greater flexibility in the new Kayano 26.

At the rubber level, it must be said that ASICS has put AHAR + on the heel. This is the most resistant compound manufactured by ASICS and seeks above all to reinforce this area of ​​maximum wear in the corridors. Across the front, the material is Light AHAR Sponge, a variant of AHAR®. In short: a soft and light rubber that is ideal for use on hard surfaces such as asphalt.

The blocks are relatively small, but they are distributed in larger "islands", but independent of each other when it comes to adapting to possible irregularities in the terrain.


The most visible part of ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 upper is undoubtedly Jaquard. It is an engineering mesh, without seams and that hugs the foot holding it. It is also lightweight and very breathable, which is evidenced by the large holes in the area of ​​the fingers and both sides, the places where the feet need more ventilation.

We say that there are no seams, but because ASICS uses heat sealing to reinforce the structure. This is very noticeable in the tip, where the typical reinforcement has been replaced by this system.

The cords are semi-flat and go through up to six eyelets on each side, plus one free that is to the consumer's liking, if you want to wear the ankle even more tight. There is a pin in a very soft tab where the cords pass and it does not move laterally. Meanwhile, inside, a cup with very good finishes hides an Ortholite X-40 template of 5mm thickness.

Outside the ankle, as I said in the introduction, is Metaclutch which is the rigid piece that, like an exoskeleton, is responsible for reinforcing the ankle support, especially for the moment of hitting the ground during the race.


ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 is the renewed delivery of one of the most important running shoes of the Japanese brand. It corresponds with a daily training shoe with stability control, able to work in favor of all types of runner and runner, especially against more weight they have, since they can with everything. In any case, for extreme cases, they can always value using another model of ASICS such as GT-4000, aimed specifically at those who have a high weight and excess pronation.

As it is a very comfortable shoe, not only will serve to train, but also for those who want to use them in long races where the rhythms do not have to be the fastest, far from it.

The weight is reduced compared to the previous delivery in men reaching the 325gr in them and 278gr in them. The drop is different depending on the sex. A) Yes for men it is 10mm and for women 13mm.

And if in the previous installment we highlighted that the midsole released Flytefoam ™ Lyte and Flytefoam ™ Propel, in this installment the grace is that, keeping those same materials, it tweaks a tad the configuration to improve flexibility in the race. The official price of ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 is € 180 (See offers) -

Price: EUR 149.00

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