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ASICS Gel Noosa Tri 12

asics noosa tri 12

One of the most iconic shoes of the Japanese brand returns ASICS: Gel Noosa TRI 12. Three years, only three years has the Japanese brand been able to resist before giving in to the evidence that Noosa TRI, “the Noosa”, must be yes or yes in intense workouts and / or the starting grid of running races (especially where spark is demanded) and, no doubt, in the last segment of the triathlon: the foot race.

When ASICS Gel Noosa TRI 11 appeared in 2016, nobody expected such a long period until they saw a new release of such a popular model. And what has ASICS done in these three years? Well, work and develop a new finish where, for example, the elastic cords that aim to offer a greater cut in time in the transition stand out, not having to fret to place your shoes.

But in ASICS Gel Noosa TRI 12 there are many more things:

  • The midsole is built with technology FlyteFoam ™, a compound that provides light cushioning.
  • Both the heel and the upper part of the tongue have a stretched finish for easy use shooters and fit much faster.
  • Elastic cords: alternatives, for those who want to use them by scraping a second more to the stopwatch.
  • Design: This is a classic that Noosa TRI can not detach, but now it shows a marbled appearance in the midsole, with striking colors to match the rest of the set.

One of the elements that repeats, as indispensable, is the material with the highest density on the inner side of the midsole, something that will be appreciated by those who seek a plus in the stability of the tread, either for a tread in excess of pronator or for dedicating them to long distances, whose support never hurts.

A pleasant surprise is the arrival of the new ASICS Gel Noosa TRI 12, which gives joy to the feet in the form of performance ... and in sight!, Breaking with its design the traditional monochrome of most models on the market.

With a pair of ASICS Gel Noosa TRI already in our hands, we are going to give them cane to check if the upper mesh is as extremely breathable as it seems; if the midsole made of FlyteFoam and Gel ™ inserts is as soft, light and durable as expected; and if the sole, which combines solid rubber with AHAR (more resistant thanks to carbon), provides the best grip and durability.

Already available in ASICS with PVP of € 140.

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