News : ASICS GT-2000 9 | Analysis of characteristics, price and opinions

News : ASICS GT-2000 9 | Analysis of characteristics, price and opinions

ASICS GT-2000 9 review

We analyze ASICS GT-2000 9 one of the running shoes for the most agile overpronating tread that exist. They are focused on daily training but, unlike most models, this one allows more flexibility when it comes to doing quick workouts, or even taking them to competitions.

It is not a mixed shoe, but its lightness (281gr for men and 220gr for women) and that it is a shoe that responds without neglecting comfort, makes this model a very good option as a unique shoe, if that is to be the case.

ASICS GT-2000 9 opinionsAnd stability, of course. The use of key technologies such as Dynamic Duomax is the explanation why this shoe falls so well with those who use it. It is still a material with a higher density, but used very gently, an important factor of this GT-2000 9. We see it

ASICS GT-2000 Review 9

ASICS GT-2000 women 9


The ASICS GT-2000 9 midsole is focused on two main objectives: lightweight cushioning based on wearing comfort and tread stability through the use of a reinforcement, plus various elements working as a team. This is so easy to explain, ASICS does not achieve it so easily. To begin with because it does not use the same material throughout the midsole.

The main one is FlyteFoam, a compound capable of durable cushioning and that has a lightness that is approximately 55% higher than most midsoles at the time this technology was introduced. Its peculiarity is that it uses nested natural fibers that are responsible for its high durability.

The next, at the material level, is the one found on the inside of the ankle. Here the technology is Dynamic Duomax and it is basically a cushioned material, but with a higher density than FlyteFoam. Its main function is to help the ankle to remain stable and not overpronate at the moment of maximum fall and pressure of the runner or runner against the ground.

ASICS GT-2000 9 pronator

There’s still more: GEL. The damping system par excellence of the Japanese brand. It is a capsule made of a material that cushions very softly and that in this GT-2000 9 we can find it in two places: under the metatarsals, although it is not visible to the eye because it is embedded in the midsole (mainly oriented to the toe). fat), and on the heel, to protect the calcaneus, and where it is visible on the outside of it.

There are still two important elements that, although they belong to the midsole, are visible from below, from the sole. Is about Guidance Line and Guidance Trusstic. And yes, as its name implies, it has to do with footprint management and helping it evolve correctly. Thus, Guidance Line consists of a longitudinal depression that runs through the shoe from heel to toe and helps guide the footprint in all its phases: from landing to toe-off.

Guidance Trusstic works specifically on the midfoot, just at the height of the plantar arch. It helps in the difficult balance between going from the support of the back of the foot, to the front. There is a time when instability can occur and this is where Trusstic (made with Pébax) comes in, to guide it while the center of gravity tilts from back to front, guiding and helping to perform this movement efficiently and not excessively. torsion.

After seeing all the strake stuck in the midsole, it only remains to say that the drop, the difference in height between the heel and the forefoot, is 10mm.


The sole of the ASICS GT-2000 9 is constructed primarily of two materials: AHAR Sponge and AHAR +. This is so because they have different hardnesses and adhesions and are placed in one place or another depending on what is needed at each point.

Thus, the areas of maximum wear, that is, the heel and toe, incorporate AHAR +, which is a type of solid rubber with exceptional resistance. And is that, if the rubber is resistant, to it, ASICS adds carbon with what its durability shoots up.

On the other hand, for everything that is the area under the metatarsals, the compound used is AHAR Durasponge. It is also a solid rubber, but softer. ASICS lowers its density, in part, by blowing air into it to gain grip. The same criteria are followed as in formula 1: soft rubbers for greater adherence, very valid on hard surfaces such as asphalt. Of course, that makes it last a little less than AHAR +, the one with carbon, but it is placed just below the goals, to gain adherence where we put the pressure that will carry us forward in the next stride … Is that what matters? not?

By the way, AHAR stands for ASICS High Abrassion Rubber, referring to its resistance to abrasion produced by contact with the ground, when running.


The ASICS GT-2000 9 upper is constructed from a single piece fabricated mesh. It uses Jacquard Mesh, a specific type designed from engineering patterns that distribute the areas according to whether they need more ventilation or more support.

We then see the entire part of the fingers, which is where the largest ventilation holes are concentrated to promote breathability. Some also on the outer side, but on the other hand, not so much on the inside, where the mesh is denser, more closed. Therefore, we see that ASICS does not work on stability only from the midsole, but also holds the foot more on the inside of the upper cut.

Same for the heel. Here the piece is called Heel Clutch Counter and consists of forcefully hugging the ankle to help it stabilize itself each time, arriving from the flight phase, the foot hits the ground when it comes into contact with it. The rigid part is not visible, since it is covered, but there is a kind of webbing integrated into the upper and covered with a PU film that goes from the heel to the lacing. It will help to hold the ankle, from the moment we tie the laces.

By the way, the laces are semi round and are passed through six eyelets (one of them, the most open, is the one that pulls the straps that contain the ankle. Below them is the tongue that, like the entire bowl and, In general, the entire interior is generously padded to provide high wearing comfort, and even the insole, made of EVA, contributes to this comprehensive comfort.

ASICS GT-2000 9 overview

The light and stable ASICS GT 2000, in its version 9, arrives with a FlyteFoam midsole, which is a cushioned material with great rebound properties. In addition, this work is carried out in a durable way thanks to the use of organic fibers nested in its structure. This allows it to be up to 55% lighter than standard EVA material, but with greater cushioning.

GT-2000 9 is a very agile running shoe, but maintains high pronation control thanks to the higher density Dynamic Duomax ™ material located under the inner ankle. In addition, two GEL® capsules (heel and forefoot) will complete the set as a cushioning system. The drop stays at 10mm. Underneath, the sole combines AHAR +, a material with great durability, and DuraSponge, another material, not so durable but with great adhesion properties. Above we will find a very open and breathable mesh that uses a buttress in the heel area to support and stabilize the ankle.

With a weight of 281g for men and 221g for women, ASICS GT-2000 9 is a great option for workouts of all kinds, even agile, in which you want to control overpronation. It is versatile so it can be taken to any competition.

The official price ASICS GT-2000 9 is € 140, while its Gore-Tex finish reaches up to € 160.

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