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ASICS Novablast | Features, price and Reviews

Analysis and characteristics of ASICS Novablast, a surprising arrival in the tough segment of running shoes focused on daily training, but with a lightness and reactivity that tempts you to squeeze it into faster sessions than usual. His line, a strange mix between soft (upper) and aggressive (midsole), will surely fall in love with more than one @.

This new creation that is ASICS Novablast, replaces another model of the Japanese brand, DynaFlyte. And if the former was characterized by a low weight that made it very agile, the latter is also very light, although radically changing the formula.

The highlight of DynaFlyte's heritage is the Flytefoam midsole material. But beware, FlyteFoam Blast, a new formula that gives you much more use of energy which guides Novablast to fast training based on shooting thanks to its cushioning, but also in which agility and energy return are interesting, is that is, where melting is required a little faster.

Its appearance is forceful, seeing that the toe is raised a lot above the ground, very much in line with the new ASICS Ride family, with MetaRide, GlideRide and EvoRide as the first and groundbreaking models to come.

High performance and a sense of energy in every stride under a design with which ASICS aims to attract different types of runners, but especially the younger ones and who lead healthy and carefree lives athletically speaking.

And it is that in the manufacture two young designers have also participated, such as Seiji Yano and Yosuke Atarashi, inspired by an insect and its movements, how it was able to move at a speed disproportionate to its size. From there to the geometries of the midsole and the search for rebound during the race ... Because Novablast breaks the schemes a bit, especially in the midsole, as we will see below.

ASICS novablast analysis


The ASICS Novablast midsole is the one that takes the attention of the eyes as soon as they rest on the shoe. Its tremendous height of 32mm in the heel area and 22mm in the forefoot makes it look cushioned piece by piece. But in addition, that height of material is broadened more than the body of the shoe, protruding both on the sides and the heel, leaving a good support base. Despite so much material, the drop is 10mm, a standard today for its profile.

What has ASICS done regarding the DynaFlyte shoe…? Well, put Novablast one third more material in the midsole, which gains much more cushioning, guaranteeing greater use per session, both in time and kilometers, while still being comfortable.

But the quantity is not enough, and this is where the quality comes in, since the material is not FlyteFoam, but FlyteFoam Blast, which improves it in terms of lightness and reactivity, by better use of the rebound, of the energy released to the to run.

Therefore, if we win in these basic aspects, ASICS has not replaced DynaFlyte, but has discontinued it, at the same time that it has created another product where what does remain intact of the original FlyteFoam compound, are the organic fibers that allow the Material better connect to each other improving durability by more resistance to compaction.

At ASICS they compare the feeling of harnessing the energy provided by the FlyteFoam Blast foam with a trampoline. Not surprisingly, the increasing trend of ASICS are fluffy midsoles and very digestible in terms of comfort, winking if you want to use them for long distances.

In any case, the midsole of this Novablast is built in one piece, without elements other than the material that comes out of the mold (say GEL or another classic element like Trusstic) and clearly seeks a high energy return through rebound and high reactivity .


The ASICS Novablast outsole uses AHAR® Plus, which is 50% stronger than the already-strong AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber) original. Both compounds, only used in high-end shoes.

AHAR® Plus is a rubber with a very high resistance and durability against wear. The grip is important too and that facet covers it more than. Now, so much strength, so much resistance comes at a price: weight. But since ASICS Novablast was born with the desire to be light, the Japanese brand has made a cast in strategic parts of the sole to maintain a balance between performance and lightness.

The surfaces with that resistant rubber is little compared to the total sole, but in the areas where it is, ASICS has finished them off with small and quite smooth cleats, showing its profile preferably asphalt. A single transverse stripe testifies to another of Novablast's important elements: a lever effect and a curved elevation from the base of the metatarsals to the fingertips of no more and no less than ... eight centimeters vertically !.

Thus, if we turn the shoe we see that the places where this emptying has taken place are not chosen at random: The double longitudinal line that is going to guide the footprint is here wider than usual (a few shanks less), and on the other hand, from below the heel to the mid-foot, it widens over the way, causing the shoe to sink over the emptied part when it receives the maximum pressure after impacting the ground and, due to the rebound effect (this time from the material when it returns to its position), it favors the rebound of the material due to compression. A double bounce, come on.


Above, the ASICS Novablast upper is designed with a seamless jacquard mesh that combines two large areas very different from each other: the front and the back.

The first one, the front one, is characterized by being free of reinforcements and the only one there is is very discreet, not visible, in the area of ​​the fingers. You have to put your hand to the toe to notice that minimum and slight reinforcement. What do you gain in return? A clean surface full of large holes for freedom of movement of the fingers and, above all, very high breathability.

When the mid-foot is reached, these holes are reduced, while the “claw” that represents the logo enters as a great reinforcement of that area. Starting at the rear of the shoe, there are no more holes because here the effort is focused on holding the foot well and containing and protecting the ankle from impact against the ground to the rotational movement when running. In Novablast it is achieved with a not strong buttress, protected in itself by the cantilever width of the midsole. That buttress is finished with two stamped pieces that deceive, since they are highly reflective, despite not having the typical silver color of those reflectors, but rather a pattern of geometric shapes.

The laces are flat and have only five eyelets, leaving a sixth for those who want to tighten more at the ankle. The eyelets here have their intrinsic ends, since the two closest to the fingers are slightly more separated from the rest to help flex better at that point.

Below them, a padded tongue, but thinner than thick, gives way to an interior that uses Ortholite and a very well finished bowl. The 5.5mm template can be removed to insert your own template.


ASICS Novablast is a new model of the Japanese brand conceived for those who are looking for a training shoe for a neutral or insole tread, with a lot of cushioning and that it is reactive giving a feeling of momentum when running.

The midsole height, built with Flyte Foam Blast, leaves no room for doubt regarding the cushioning capacity based on its 32mm heel height and 22mm in the metatarsal area. This foam with a high bounce will allow it to be used at happy rhythms, both in training and if it is taken to any competition. There, perhaps a fork between 3’40 ”and 4:30” in a 10k is a place where you feel comfortable, but its great damping means that at slower rates or longer runs, they are also appreciated.

The ideal place to use it would be asphalt, or park land or paths without complications in terms of supports. Another key element is that, despite its large volume, the weight stays at 275gr in the men's finish and 225gr in the women's one.

Different even within ASICS itself, they look nothing like anything made before by Kobe's. Although we are already getting used to it, because MetaRide did the same last year, or Metarun, when it was presented. They are taking a liking to this innovation by breaking with the previous, very little in tune with the usual custom of yesteryear in Japanese brands in general and in ASICS in particular.

He price ASICS Novablast official is € 140.

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