News : Ask for shoes on Twitter to be able to run the Tour of Spain. The precariousness of professionalism

News : Ask for shoes on Twitter to be able to run the Tour of Spain. The precariousness of professionalism

Willie smit slippers

Less than 24 hours to start the Tour of Spain 2020 and when everyone talks about Covid – 19 and the Roglic, Dumoulin, Froome, Valverde and company as great favorites the reality of the guest teams is totally different.

A parallel world that takes place outside the big budgets of the World Tour teams. Huge structures that have in their ranks the highest paid cyclists in the world and that feed their athletes with the best road bikes and the best material in the sector.

A reality that contrasts greatly with that of the second division teams. Teams invited by the organization come to the Tour of Spain with the great illusion of overshadowing the world elite.

These teams, which in this edition are Burgos BH, Caja Rural – Seguros RGA and Total – Direct Energie, live quite a different day to day.

Although, fortunately, the situation has improved considerably in recent times and the logistical, material and infrastructure inequalities are decreasing, there is still a significant gap both in terms of salary and resources.

Good proof of this is the situation that Willie Smit (nothing to do with the Will Smith that we all know) has publicly denounced through Twitter amid a certain sarcasm and irony.

The South African rider from Burgos BH took advantage of the pull of the nets to demonstrate the lack of material support to compete with guarantees for a three-week return.

The funny cyclist, who works as a YouTuber and who during confinement was able to travel 1000 kilometers in Non Stop format on the virtual platform Zwift, He asked the cycling community for help in finding an extra pair of shoes.

Specifically and labeling the brand in question referring to the well-known Specialized S-Works shoe model. A high-end product, made with a carbon sole that many professionals use and that far exceeds 350 euros.

We’ll see if good old Willie finally gets some new shoes that will allow him to be calm during the three weeks of competition.

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