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At your feet, Mr. Fernando Carro Morillo

Achieve a mark of another galaxy in the 3,000 obstacles of the Diamond of Monaco (8'05 "69) and beat the record of Spain that lasted 17 years.

Someone, who is not us, had already imagined what happened tonight in Monaco: "I watched Fernando training on Monday and I never saw anything like it. I do not know what I did or the times I did but I do not care, that way of running is another roll. Carro will know Monaco, I hope that Monaco also knows Carro. "

Then I will tell you who wrote this. But first let me feel comfortable, take my time and tell them that there are also people, who never see Carro train at the INEF and who feels like one of their own whenever summer comes, as long as announces one of his careers It's about his people from Canillejas who, for whatever reason, never talks to you about the impossible. And the people in the neighborhoods see things that others do not see. For them to run Carro is like playing Madrid and running in Monaco is like playing the Champions League. And they are right, because Monaco is the Champions, the Louis II stadium, how many nights of athletics.

The matches do not last 90 minutes, but around 8 minutes in the 3,000 obstacles, where Fernando Carro reflects the rest of his life. The the price of trying to be the best, of persevering alone, of running with the intelligence that has run tonight in Monaco, to finish the last lap in 1'00 ": we see him and we no longer remember Steve Prefontaine when he saw Carro, remembering his first championships when he always came out like a bullet. What a work of art Arturo Martín has made of him, a man specialized in working in silence, the same man who made Arturo Casado the European champion of 1,500.

The thing is that Arturo has changed Fernando, who has found the best of his life. Today he is a guy who is 27 years old, who collects his hair in photographs, which he tells the children "How cool to grow up and be able to feel proud even of your mistakes" and, from today, we could confuse with an African, Anglo-Saxon athlete, from anywhere in the world. What things can happen in Monaco if there was still some doubt.

From then on, I can only tell you that you should know him. That they would have to spend an afternoon with Fernando Carro. That would be a time well spent. That they will discover a guy who has always been from the '5' scraped and who Now, he feels "absolutely capable of everything", lives with panic on the platform of a station waiting for a train "in which everything is dyed white."

This was what he wrote this week, before leaving for Monaco, before threatening infinity. But from there to tonight ..., one does not know how to explain tonight or this season that began with a mark of 8'19 "and that a month ago we were startled because it dropped to 8'15 " in Rome. But we do not go every day to see him train at INEF. We can only imagine that it is still early. That there is still a lot of time left for the Doha World Cup, where we think about him and we do not resign ourselves to indifference ....

The fact is that happiness today prevents bitter questions. It is very hot and there are many people in the parties of the villages, but there is a nucleus of daring, adept to athletics, that we still continue excited in Canillejas and outside of Canillejas. And the emotion does not do of his if they do not accompany him the reasons.

And today we not only have to write athletics. Also of emotions, which is practically the same.

In a country of obstructionists like Spain, Fernando Carro It has just become the best of all time: 8'05 "69.

It has taken ten seconds off the mark he made in Rome a month ago! It's incredible but it's true.

And not only that. He has also returned to the past and has fought with Africans as in the times of Elysee or Berlanas, who tonight has said goodbye to the record of Spain that accompanied him since 2002: 8'07 "44.

And he has done it 17 years later. And nobody has given her condolences.

Because, unlike us, Berlanas already imagined it, because Berlanas was the one who wrote that on Monday. The man who explained to us that "that way of running is another roll". The same one who was warning us of what seemed impossible to us, of what we did not even imagine.

That's why you have to read always. Read, read and read. Follow the people who know most, who are the only ones capable of anticipating the future, to this Coup d'Etat that Fernando Carro Morillo has given in Monaco tonight. An athlete without enemies, a guy who does not understand life without a smile, without the literature of good men and who for months the last time I said goodbye to him, when he got me in his car from the INEF track to the Metro station of Moncloa, I think I did not wish you luck even. But I guess I thought there was so much left for the Doha World Cup or that I wanted to imagine that this would be slower.

Fernando had just finished the training and got into the car dressed as an athlete without showering. I was in a hurry. But what was not known is that he was in such a hurry to beat the record of Spain in the 3,000 obstacles. And, of course, one did not even think to ask him. What things. At that point.

But look where we are today: we can not cheat reality.

Maybe that's why at this time of a Friday night one is writing about him, asking for a space in the news for Fernando Carro, remembering that the last mark that I remember of this magnitude were the 8.56 of Yago Lamela and vindicating, without fear of error, that Carro is already a world star. A type of neighborhood that any day we can find it by taking the Metro, driving a second-hand car or applauding popular athletes in a race. A guy who has managed to pass in a few years of the '5' shaved to the registration of honor, and that has value, too much value.

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