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Athlete Guido Müller - End of career with 80 - Sport

  • Guido Müller, 80, has won 103 European championship titles in the open air and in the hall over the course of his career, as well as 156 German championship titles. He holds 14 world records.
  • Now the athlete of TSV Vaterstetten stops.

Guido Müller looked to the right. His run was not over yet. It was the last race of these German Athletics Senior Championships, Sunday afternoon, Leinefelde, Thuringia. It was his last race. The Munich sprinted straight towards the finish line, the two leaders, Adolf Nehren and Willi Scheidt, he would probably not be able to catch up. But there to the right of the target were suddenly so many people who applauded and cheered him. He later reported about 100 "sports comrades", others had counted 200 more. Guido Müller finished third in this 200-meter final, but that was not important. All those people who shared his passion with him, who had long since finished their competitions and who would really have liked to go home, had stayed with him to say goodbye. Retired, at 80 years old. "I did not expect my resignation to spread so wildly," said Mueller, who pressed a microphone for a few farewell words in the hand. "That was already moving."

In 1983, Guido Müller began with senior athletics. A former 400-meter hurdler, who had stopped in mid-20, because it was not quite enough for the Olympics, and suddenly as "Nobody", as he says, at the German Championships of the age group M45 over 200 and over 400 meters won - To this day, this competition is one of those that he particularly remembered. And the following European championship in Brighton, with four titles and his first world record over 400 meters hurdles.

Since then, hardly a significant competition in the senior athletics passed without Guido Müller, growing up in Kornwestheim, residing in Munich and starting for the TSV Vaterstetten, brought titles and bests. He keeps 14 world records up to date, he has set much more. 103 European championship titles in the open and in the hall were added, 156 German championship titles, 35 German, 26 European records. Three times in his career, the International Athletics Federation IAAF has named him World Renowned Athlete of the Year, most recently in 2014. Mueller is particularly proud of this, because it was not only about his success, but also about his appearance as a sportsman all over the world friendships tied.

Five years ago, he said, "I hope I can get the jump!"

Guido Müller could not say goodbye in Leinefelde with a title. On his parade route, the 400 meters, he finished second. After 30 starts at German stadium championships, it was only the second time that he was not the winner. "I'm not disappointed," he said afterwards, "I'm well aware of my achievements."

Meaning: more was not in it. A year ago, Müller had won five disciplines in this age group, in the spring he was still indoor world champion - nevertheless, he, who had remained fit so unheard of long, last physically relieved. Coordination, sense of balance. Training and competitions have become a burden, not to forget the many trips. He has now freed himself from this burden, also to have more time for his wife.

Anyone who sticks out long enough will eventually win titles due to a dwindling competition - that's exactly how Guido Müller Senior Sports never got it. He found it repugnant to see colleagues who were only agonizing; who switched to adventurous disciplines just to get involved; or obstacle courses, after which you have to "pick up bits" - that's what he pointed to five years ago times, combined with the addition: "I hope I can find the jump!" He found him. Occasionally, he advised, one has to check oneself: "Does that look aesthetically pleasing to what you're doing, or are you laughing at the others out there long ago and thinking, 'He can not stop either.'" But the others laughed Not. They applauded.

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